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The following reviews are my shopping experiences with most online stores in India, which may help you have a safe and happy online shopping experience.

Note: This page is currently being updated as I have loads of updates on the online shopping experiences discussed below. In the meantime, if you plan to buy from any of these businesses, please feel free to ask questions in the comments below and I will be happy to update you.

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UPDATE: After a couple negative experiences, I have been able to shop successfully and happily from Jabong many times now. Since their packing is poor, the only thing I find safe buying from them is Clothes. Yet Another Amusing Customer Service/Management Experience (Coming in the Future) Positive Online Shopping Review (Coming in the future)

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Organic Shopping Online India Online Shopping Review (review to be updated)
NEW: Online Shopping Review



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UPDATE: is now a part of Read the article to learn how to avoid payment mistakes while shopping online.

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INTERNATIONAL ONLINE SHOPPING SITES shopping review (free shipping worldwide) shopping review International Shopping Site with Free Shipping Worldwide

Online Shopping has become a revolution in every household in the past few years. Because of the luring discounts, offers and exposure to countless products and brands from across the world, many people prefer online shopping over personally visiting a shop.

Both physical and online shopping have their pros and cons. There are still many people who prefer experiencing the touch and feel of products before buying them. I personally prefer online shopping because I get panicked and overwhelmed by the crowd and the buzz in the physical markets.


  1. According to me, snapdeal and tradus are best. they gave great offers and their services are also good.thanks

    1. Saw your comment on the Snapdeal Review :) So now you have changed your mind for snapdeal. I am very wary of tradus as I have read some very bad reviews. Have you actually shopped with snapdeal and tradus or do you just like their deals?

    2. I thought I’d share my recent experiences of shopping with here for the benefit of your readers as well as to get my review out.
      It’s a great website with respect to the variety of offerings. Ordering is also straightforward and typically takes about 7-10 days to reach you even if the delivery is to a metropolitan city (I live in Bangalore). I have ordered twice from them – no issue other than the fact that stock status is not updated live. Both the times somebody called me the next day after ordering to say that certain items were not in stock. But the money was credited back ASAP.
      The problem came when I wanted to return something as the product was very close to expiry date. I sent 3 emails and called 5-6 times to talk to the customer service. Not only was there no response from anyone but there was so much noise in the background every time I called that it was impossible to talk . I got the impression that it is a one-man operation, probably out of home….there is no “operation team” or the concept of “customer service”.
      I am very disappointed and will not shop there again. I’d expect basic courtesy from an online shopping site even if they cannot accept returns.

    3. Dear Manju, if I am guessing it right, you are Manju Kori. So good to know you still read my blog. Thanks for the detailed feedback.

      I had placed a few orders with them and some of my friends did too. While I did get many positive feedback about them too, a lot of us faced the problem of out of stock items in every order. I got in touch with someone in their marketing team and she is in Bangalore too. She no longer works there but explained that organic products are usually hand made and produced on a small scale. So there is always a challenge of them running out of stock even though they have commitment guidelines signed with those businesses. That was genuine reason as even I directly contacted some suppliers personally by finding their details through internet and got the same explanation.

      Thankfully I never received any near expiry product but we were facing other issues like wrong items sent and then sometimes the item would leak during transit due to poor courier handling etc. After calling them up several times, even I understood that they have a very small team though I was told that the business is owned by some highly qualified people who have studied the Indian online market for 1+ year before venturing into this. But they seem to be deaf to every complaint or suggestion. And I so agree to that background noise thing, like some construction work was going in the background.

      Recently I tried to shop with them but the website has gone strange and this time even the variety of products did not lure me, as I have heard many complaints about them and my own experience did not turn out very good after the initial orders. Sending near expiry items and then not refunding the money is definitely not ethical. Let me see if I can procure you the email of the business owner so you can write to them directly. Please share your order ID and product details too so I can take some action.

      Thank you for documenting this so clearly. If possible, please copy paste this feedback under the introductory article also (under Online Shopping), so it becomes more specific and helpful.

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  3. I would like to purchase value pack. please tell the method.


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