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Here you will find reviews of Feminine Hygiene and Feminine Well Being Products like Sanitary Napkins Reviews, Intimate Wash Reviews and other feminine well being products.

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SOFY Side Walls Vs Whisper Ultra Review
SOFY Side Walls vs Whisper Ultra - Review

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Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Review

Vagisil Intimate Feminine Wash Review
Vagisil Intimate Feminine Wash Review

Lactacyd Feminine Wash Review

Coming Next: VWash Intimate Wash Review

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Soulflower PMS Relief Aromatherapy Roll On Review : A Must Have during Periods


  1. Hello,

    Could you please review Oriflame's feminelle intimate wash and advise which is better lactacyd or oriflame

    1. You can use either. Both have lactic acid, both have sulphates and both have other chemicals which possess the same health risk in the presence of nitrosamines. Oriflame has parabens and Lactacyd has phenoxyethanol as preservative, this makes Lactacyd slightly milder. Please do not use any product continuously for a very long time. Always give a gap of a couple of weeks or so before starting with the next bottle. After all, these are all chemicals.

  2. please tell me about V wash plus

  3. lactacyd isbest or everteen is best? please tell me

  4. Hello, can you review Stayfree Secure Cottony XL wings. I wanted to know how it works compared to Whisper ultra Clean XL and Sofy BodyFit. I use whisper as of now but wonder if stayfree has a similar gel lock system that keeps that area dry. Thanks in advance.


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