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2. Henna and Indigo Natural Hair Coloring complete detailed guide: INR 1500 (for other currencies, email me for a quote). Additional genuine support would be provided  free of cost, in your first few colorings, to help you get the desired results. The fee is only for the procedure guide and the additional support is complimentary. But HRLT is not bound by any terms and agreements as far as support is concerned. So far, everyone who has tried it got positive results in the first go. I personally use this hair coloring method. Yet, HRLT does not undertake any guarantee of the results. In some people it may take a few tries before you see results while most people get it in 1-2 applications.
3. One time Consultation on skin problems or any matter that requires proper consultation, discussion and a good amount of my time: INR 200
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    1. i m 28 and a problem of greying hair (40%),last month i apply loreal professional maijrel colour then my hairfall starts .
      can u advice what to do naturally or chemically
      (which colour is without ammonia)

      1. To know about ammonia free hair colors, please read about demi-permanent hair colors in the article under 'Hair Care'. Colored hair need special care and the hair fall mostly happens because we keep using the normal shampoo and other personal care products we were using earlier. For personal consultation, please email me after becoming a member as mentioned on this page.

    2. Hi Gagan.
      i have clicked the 'like' button on facebook so i guess now i am a member.Gagan i have started using Baba Ramdev henna and i am quite amazed with the results because it didnt gave me that orange colour even after first application.But for my crown area i am still using hair colour as there are a lot of greys and i dont want to make them look red.Now i want you to please help me in getting indigo.i live in Delhi.

      1. Hi Rashmi, please email me as the details are quite long to share in the comments. I will reply to your email in a few days. Not only do you just need to procure Indigo, there is a proper way to prepare it's paste, which is very different from how you make Henna paste.

      2. Hi mam i am 19 years old and i have lot of grey hairs and i am going to use colors to overshadow my white hairs so which brand should i use... and if i use colors then it will increase my grey hairs ... yes or no ?

      3. Hi there, sorry for the late reply. Anonymous comments are really difficult to locate in the blogger comments section, so I didn't notice this one earlier.

        You can use a demi-permanent hair color like L'Oreal Casting Creme. It is not harsh on the hair like permanent hair colors but these don't last very long. These may last upto 25 shampoos or so but if you use a harsh shampoo, it may last less. Using demi-permanent hair color will not increase the grays but using permanent one will. Permanent hair colors remove your natural melanin before depositing the chemical color there. So any black hair it comes in contact with also gets bleached and colored and when the color goes off it becomes gray, hence increasing the graying.

        There is also Henna and Indigo method. It requires some effort but really good if you want to maintain a healthy chemical free scalp.

    3. Hi,

      I have just subscribed to your very informative blog. It is really nice to see your interest so well etched out with all the experimentation and first hand information you provide. I'm a 32yr old pregnant woman. I would like to colour my hair naturally. I have about 2 years back gone in for chemical hair colour but since once application decided against and have let the nature take its course. I chanced upon your blog and have been curious as well as again interested in colouring... But this time only naturally. I would really appreciate if you could tell me how to go ahead with the henna + indigo combination colouring and also i'm based out of hyderabad so where can i get the products.

      Thank you so much in advance for your advice and help.

      1. I think I had answered this over email. Let me know in case I missed out.

    4. hi,
      I read your blog.and it is really very others i am also a victim of continuous usage of hair colors for past 8 years..i am 27years old female and have been living all alone away from home since past years since my graduation..All these years i found my hair have started thininng..First i thought may be due to places i change and the water i use for washing my hair is the prime cause for CONTINUOUS SLOW falling of hair. It was not drastic but still significant.I never thought this can be due to hair coloring which now i can count that i use hair color every past 2weeks for grey coverage. I really want to switch to henna and indigo method of hair grey coverage. I want to slash away the bottles of colors from my cupboard as i find myself so dependent on them..Also i have continuous problem of brittle frizzy weak roots hair since the dawn of consciousness. My hair are bouncy but due to continuous slow falling the girth has vanished..My friends around me never notice that because of the bounce but inside i know what is the harsh truth.....please help me..I raed the bloggers policy also..Just guide me what to do?

      1. Dear Ayu, 8 years is a long time for continuous chemical hair color usage. If you take very good care, you can easily survive 2-3 years but finally it always comes to this stage with everyone. I had reached the exact situation a couple years ago when friends used to compliment me but deep within I was unhappy with the hair fall and decreasing volume which showed when I braided my hair. When you tie a pony, it doesn't show.

        Anyways, you are quite young and this situation can be easily reversed with a lottle love and care towards your hair. As you may have read above, the consultation for Henna and Indigo method is chargeable. Please email me a for further details.

        This method takes some patience and effort initially. I will first explain some basic info about it so you can decide and make up your mind finally and then proceed. Also, suggest you to read the first article under the hair care section "How to take care of damaged, brittle hair....". It will help you.

    5. Hi Gagan!
      I came upon your blog recently and really liked how you have honestly shared your experiences with various hair colouring techniques :)
      I have been in a dilemma for a couple of years now, about whether to start colouring... but now at 30, I'm having a hard time trying to bury the odd, stubborn grey streaks below the other layers.
      I can see that the henna and indigo method looks safest and would like your guidance on this.
      Also, what's your opinion for first-time colouring? Should it be done only on the affected portions or the entire hair?

      1. Hi Sumi,

        Gray hair after 25 years of age is normal and these days people get grays far far earlier than that. Henna and Indigo hair coloring is safe and if done properly, help in hair growth too. They also cure and protect you from hair infections.

        Regarding first time coloring, if you color with chemical hair colors then preferably do only the grays. If you go to a salon, they will do a full head coverage for you but not only will you be paying them a hefty amount of money, it will affect the rest of the hair which are already black and don't require color. So be very specific that you want only gray coverage. As for Henna and Indigo, you will need to do full head initially at least for Henna. Indigo can be done only on the roots or full head, totally up to you. When done on roots, it will give gray coverage and when done on full head, it makes hair soft. So full head can also be done once in a while as a hair mask though for grays, only roots can be done.

      2. Thanks Gagan!
        I 'liked' your facebook page but not sure if I'm being reflected as a member.

        Do let me know the process required for getting your detailed guidance on henna and indigo colouring for my hair. Also, improving the quality of my hair herbally, which becomes limp just a couple of days after applying shampoo.

        Thanks in advance.

      3. Dear Sumi, I can see you in the email subscribers list but Facebook does not always show the name of everyone who likes my page. You simply need to email me at for my bank details. I will send you a questionaire and after you deposit the consultation fee to my bank account, I will customize and send your consultation over email. You can be in touch with me over email for further guidance during and after coloring.

    6. Hi Gagan, your blog has been very informative. I have very dry and rough hair and now has lot of greys. Was thinking of getting it coloured the natural way as you suggest in the blog. Will your natural technique of coloring using henna and indigo work for dry, rough and frizzy hair. If yes then then I would surely like to contact you for the details. Thanks

      1. Thanks dear. I saw your email and have already replied to you there :)

    7. Hi Gagan,

      Thank you so much for such an informative blog. Would appreciate if you could tell if the Indigo is the natural hair colour available in the market as I found on internet?

      Best Regards,

    8. I am so fed up of coloring my hair over and over again.My hair growth is real fast and need to touch up too often,your post about henna-indigo natural method is giving me hopes but I am bit doubtful.Actually before I switched to using chemical haircolor i used to put henna-indigo combination only(in 2 steps) ,but the problem was that indigo used to dye my clothes,pillow,nails as well,also afterwards if I shampooed,indigo used to get washed off 50% .So i used to avoid shampooing after putting indigo but then my hair felt so unclean .
      please tell me ,will your method of using henna indigo be able to avoid all this trouble ?
      thanks in advance .:)

      1. Hi, please comment with your real name in the future. Simply knowing about a method does not always yield results. Anyone can read on the internet about how it works, but what matters is, do they get long term sustainable results? Everything has some tricks and tips, what works and what doesn't, what to use and what to avoid etc. and that is where I come into picture and that is what I charge to guide people about.

        I don't guarantee anything but I am doing this successfully for 1.5 yrs and so are 100s of my clients in India and abroad. If followed the right way, everything is achievable. You are surely doing something wrong somewhere in your method.

    9. Hii mam...m new her....firstly thank you so much for ur posts..u r awsm n ur posts r amazing..I luv all of dese...
      I we searching natural product for my mom n found your natural henna indigo n cassia method...she has damaged hairs n scalp due to continuous use of chemical dyes for years..I want to know d tym interval between applying heena n indigo n den cassia...n also plz let me knw frm where i shud order all dese three so dat it cn b a little economical...I already sent u d mail regarding dis n nw waiting for reply..

    10. Hi Gaganpreet,
                My best regards to you and thank you so much for all the good work that you are doing. I came across your blog while searching for a natural way to colour my grey hair and went through your blog. I look upon it as a boon.
                 I Tried many ways.... henna to chemical hair colour... but ended up only spoiling my hair and scalp. When I use henna my hair goes dry and tangled leading to hair fall and itchy scalp as i already have dry skin. With chemical hair dyes it's even worse.... I have even developed bald patch. I was totally fed up and clueless about how to manage this issue when I found your blog.
                 Dear Gagan it will be of great help if you can share the henna- indigo hair colour procedure. I have already subscribed on email and received a confirmation. Please let me know on how I should proceed... how to pay and become a blog member.... Thanks in advance.

      Awaiting to read from you.

    11. Hi Gaganpreet,

      Appreciate the good work that you have been doing to help others with the knowledge you have gained. I wanted to use the henna-indigo combo to dye my hair & had sent an email regarding the same. Can you please let me know what steps needs to be followed & where to purchase.

      Thanks & awaiting your response.


    12. Hi gaganpreet,
      I read your article about henna and indigo, which is truly amazing. I'm 25 and have grey hairs. Tried many hair colours which made my hair dry and heavy hair loss too. Even I tried natural henna which not helpul. I've emailed you about this and really looking for the henna and indigo preparation.. Pls do reply me


    13. Hello madam I like your article and want to know which is the best remedy for growing Long Hairs

    14. Hi Gagan,

      Its the first time i went through your blog, and i must say you are doing a great work. Your reserch is exemplary.
      I just wanted to know what to do in case of straightened hairs. Like salons warns us to use henna on chemically straightened hairs & to cover grey hairs you have to use either colour or henna. So what could be the best choice in this case.


    15. Hi! Gagan,
      I am so happy about finding your blog when I searched in the net. the reason was both my husband and I are loosing hair because of Indian hair dye. We live in abroad and have hard water. I send you an email yesterday with my questions but want to be member of the blog so that i can receive your emails.
      also, I have a doubt that we should not shampoo for 48 hours/2 days after applying Indigo. but pillow cases or towel (uses to dry the hair) won't get that purple color? also, what kind of shampoo we can use (New Jersey)?


    16. Hello Gaganpreet,
      I feel so relieved after reading yr article on Henna and Indigo being used as substitutes for hair coloring. Could you please let me know the procedure to acquire yr henna packs?
      I have subscribed to yr blog.
      Many thanks,

    17. Hello Gagan,

      I am 40 year old staying in Mumbai. I had sent you an e-mail seeking more information on the Indigo and Henna colour you are retailing. Needless to say I am a victim of frequent hair colouring and am required to do touch up every 15 to 20 days. My hair has thinned considerably and looks no better than grass. Need help desperately.

      Thanks... Vandana

    18. I am shanti . need ur help for 100 % grey coverage . i have hyper pigmentation around neck so , i have been asked to stop chemical dyes . i want to order henna and indigo , and eager to use it get the results . plz respond at ur convenience . i will b obliged.


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