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CozyCare Sanitary Napkins Review

This is a review of CozyCare Comfy thin Sanitary pads. CozyCare is a new brand in the Indian Sanitary Napkins Market. CozyCare also makes baby diapers, adult diapers and baby wipes. The brand seems to have carefully studied all the present leading sanitary napkins brands in the Indian market and then picked out the best features to design these pads.

CozyCare Sanitary Napkins Review India

Initially CozyCare started with just one variation: Comfy Thin XL 290 mm / 29 cm ultra thin and dry-feel pads. 29 cm is the standard length for all XL pads in other brands too.

CozyCare Comfy Thin XL Sanitary Napkin 290mm /29cm

They have just launched 1 more variation which will soon be available in the market: CozyCare Super Soft (in normal and economy packings).

CozyCare Sanitary Napkins Review Price

Price: ₹ 65 for a pack of 8 pads
Price per pad: ₹ 8.125 (cheaper than SOFY and Whisper)
Made in PRC (The Public Republic of China)
CozyCare Sanitary Napkins Review

Availability: You can buy online from (Links: Set of 3 packets, Set of 4 packets, Set of 5 packets, Set of 6 packets). (buy HERE) (Set of 12 packets at 23% OFF. Buy HERE)

Also available in Sahkari Bhandar and medical shops in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Jaipur and Jodhpur.

CozyCare Comfy Thin Sanitary Napkins Review

The packaging is attractive and beautiful, at the same time the hot red color is very eye-catching. It may attract undue attention while carrying in purse.

CozyCare Comfy Thin Sanitary Napkins Review

Brand Claims and Description:

Cheap best sanitary napkins India
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7 Full Confidence Features:
  1. Cost Saving: CozyCare is affordable in price.
  2. Total Dryness: Dry Mesh Top Layer of CozyCare ensure complete dryness.
  3. Extra Soft: Soft Material guarantee added softness strengthen so that, while using for long hours, it does not tear.
  4. Long Usage: CozyCare can be used for extended period of time.
  5. Special Protection: Acquisition distribution layer of CozyCare ensure to acquire & retain the discharge in channelized form.
  6. Maximum Absorbency: High absorbency super absorbent polymer(sap) of CozyCare locks & retains the wetness in gel form.
  7. Special Wings: Wings of CozyCare keep the pad firmly in the panty & prevent from side staining.
CozyCare napkins do deliver on all the claims they have made.

My Experience with CozyCare Comfy Thin Sanitary Napkins:

The brand sent me sample packs of these Sanitary Napkins in July this year. When I started using CozyCare pads, my first impression was here comes another Whisper. But after using and testing these sanitary pads thoroughly for 4 cycles now, I have developed a liking for this brand.

I find it better than Whisper, Sofy, Bella and of course the other lower brands of sanitary napkins in India.

Sanitary Napkins reviews pics india

The top dry mesh layer is made up of plastic and has a very soft velvety feel, giving the illusion of soft paper or cotton... very different from the harsh plastic feel of Whisper.

The Pluses:

Cozy Care Sanitary pads review pictures
  1. Length: The pad is sufficiently long and would suit the needs of most women from thin to heavier hips.
  2. Night Use: I find it perfect for night use because of both length and absorption capacity. I have suffered back leakage and staining with many brands but never with CozyCare at night. 
  3. Absorption: Absorbs very well. Gives up to 4 hours of protection in extremely heavy flow and longer protection in normal flow. During very heavy flow, the pad absorbed up to the last bit of its capacity and never ever leaked or spoiled my clothes.
  4. Staining Like all other brands, CozyCare also cannot absorb heavy clots immediately. Still I have rarely faced any staining of skin with CozyCare. Occasional staining of thighs during very heavy flow, that too, just a thin line of a stain where the pad touches the thighs. Never faced back-staining or back leakage.
  5. Shape and Fit: The pad retains its shape very well right from the moment you wear it. It never ever distorted even during long use or sleeping or sitting in odd positions. The wings and the shape fits all standard panty shapes.
  6. Sticking: The pad has sufficient glue at the back and both the wings and the pad stick well to the panty. Pad does not detach or fold back, which is a problem I have faced with every other brands.
  7. Tearing: CozyCare napkin does not tear off while removing. A piece of the wings tore off sometimes while pulling off, but that happened only with one particular packet, never otherwise.
  8. Stink: Whisper pads used to stink within 2-3 hours despite being perfumed and the perfume also added to allergies. CozyCare pads are non-perfumed and do not stink even after 4-5 hour. Of course, you should change your pad at least every 4 hours to avoid stinking and infections.
  9. Itching and Infections: I have very sensitive skin. I never faced any itching with CozyCare pads in the last 4 months. I have faced severe itching with Whisper and Bella sanitary napkins.
  10. Travel Friendly: These pads are reliable and travel friendly when you don't get a chance to change pads often and need extra protection.
CozyCare Comfy Thin extra large XL Skin Friendly Irritation free Sanitary Pads Review

  1. If you shave your pubic hair, the pad sticks to clean shaved skin firmly and you have to literally peel it off your skin while removing or during your visit to the bathroom. I have faced this with other plastic top-sheet pads like Whisper, Sofy and Bella too.
  2. The 8 shape in the middle of the pad absorbs most of the fluid and all pads convert the liquid into gel. If you do not change your pad at least every 4 hours, and this highly concentrated gelled blood remains close to your private part for very long, you are exposing yourself to a very high risk of serious infections. This applies to all brands of gel-based pads. So hygiene is the key.
  3. The individual pocket cover for each pad does not have any tape sealing. So while disposing off (wrapping and throwing off) the pad, the cover opens up. A piece of tape would have helped dispose it neatly.
  4. Limited availability in retail stores in a few cities. Easily available online but delivery charges apply. Hopefully the brand will make it available in other cities too in the near future.
Thanks to, that's selling it at a nominal delivery charge of ₹ 20 and ₹ 30 for a set of 6 and 5 packs respectively at You can check all options here, otherwise, it does not show up when you search on Flipkart.

I was happy with Sofy Sidewalls but CozyCare's far better absorption capacity and comfortable wear makes it a better and more reliable choice for me. I am going to continue using it for heavier flow days and nights particularly.

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  1. Hi, back when I had to whisper I had some serious itching and skin problems, I guess the plastic top layer just doesn't suit my skin so as soon as I found out about sofy I switched since it doesn't have that plastic layer it's been 10 months and there has been no itching ever since. You had recommended to me to try cozycare when I had posted a comment on your sofy review but on coming here I was reminded of the horror of itching and skin problems I had suffered at the very sight of cozycare's plastic top layer. You've said it's soft but is it still that good as sofy's is? What are the chances that it will give me those rashes again considering the fact that sofy had helped me out after a horrible 9 year long whisper experience.


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