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Monday, June 30, 2014

Soulflower 'I Love Long Hair' Blog Anniversary Giveaway Results

My site completed 2 years a month ago and we had two giveaways to celebrate the occasion. One was sponsored by Soulflower India where they agreed to give away some really awesome hair care goodies and later added 3 additional prizes to the list. You can check the Giveaway details HERE.

Below are the results. Winners were picked by lucky draw using

1st Winner: Entry # 1 Deepika Agarwal - Won Soulflower Argan Oil Worth Rs 800

2nd Winner: Entry #22 Kavita Nayak - Won Soulflower Rosemary Essential Oil worth Rs 350.

3rd Winner: Entry #18 Shilpa Bindlish - Won Soulflower Rosemary Lavender Shampoo Bar worth Rs 250

4th Winner:  Entry #13 Jalpa Shah - Won Soulflower Feel Sexy Roll On worth Rs 100

5th Winner: Entry #23 Arul Mozhi - Won Soulflower Feel Sexy Roll On worth Rs 100

6th Winner: Entry #3 Jyotika Gauba - Won Soulflower Feel Sexy Roll On worth Rs 100

CONGRATULATIONS. All of you should receive your prizes hopefully within this week.


  1. Hi Gagan
    Came across your blog while searching for essential oils..ur reviews are really genuine..its my 1st time when i will buy essential oils..need ur advise from where should i buy? Soulflower/Moksha/or somewhere else..what is difference in oils of moksha & soulflower? Who do you think are better? & 1 last question..are moksha carrier oils cold pressed & unrefined? Sorry for bothering with so many questions but your review will be of great help..

    1. Dear Shafali, good to see your inclination towards healthier natural products. I had answered your other comment, hope you read that. Which oils are you planning to buy, please share.

      I have never bought any essential oil from Moksha yet and all my essential oils are from Soulflower. So I cannot comment on their essential oils quality. I am satisfied with Soulflower there because the packing is excellent and no compromise on quality. Essential oils evaporate very quickly so it is essential that packing be done wonderfully too so there is no compromise and least exposure to air.

      I have used Moksha's carrier oils and found those to be at par with Soulflowers'. Just finished Moksha oils after a year + and now time to repurchase. Because Moksha gives you an option to choose the quantity, and it is more economical to buy say a 50-100 ml bottle as compared to 30ml bottles offered by Soulflower, I prefer Moksha for carrier oils. You will also find discount coupons on Moksha's home page Don't go for more quantities than that as oils go rancid within a year or before (if not stored properly).

      Yes Moksha's carrier oils are coldpressed and am not sure about the refining part. But you can check the certificates and chemical analysis etc of their oils on their older site under the 'About Us' and 'Products' sections.

      Hope I have answered all your questions.


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