Thursday, June 19, 2014

Haul from

Shopped from last month. I was really happy to see that they have introduced many new exciting products. Those who haven't heard of this online store before, please check HERE.

Privyshop has changed their packing as compared to before and the new packing was exceptionally well. All items were properly bubble wrapped and sealed inside sealed plastic bags.

Here's what I bought:

1. Helen Harper Panty Liners:

Helen Harper Panty Liners India buy online privyshop

50 fragranced panty liners for INR 150. These are a must have in every girl and woman's personal hygiene and especially if you are working. Review coming soon. You can buy them from Flipkart HERE or from HERE.

2. Nurture Organics 100% Natural Ultra Long Pads

Nurture Organics 100% Natural Ultra Long Wide Back best Sanitary Napkins India
These are 350mm / 35 cm long sanitary napkins with a wider back made of 100% Natural Cotton top-sheet. The pad has a Silver ion Chip in the center that provides anti-fungal and anti- Bacterial action and claims to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria exposed within 1 hr.

100% natural cotton top-layer make these breathable and irritation free. These are amongst the longest sanitary pads in the Indian market today after Whisper night pads (400mm/ 40cm long).

Price Rs 150 for 10 pads which comes to Rs 15/pad, as compared to Rs 25/pad for Whisper Ultra Night pads.

I will review these in a few weeks. You can buy them HERE.

3. Domkinppy Biodegradable Disposable Bags for Sanitary Napkins

Domkinppy Biodegradable Sanitary Napkins Disposal Bags Privyshop

I got these free in an offer. Privyshop is currently giving one pack of Domkinppy (containing 5 biodegradable disposable bags) free with Sofy, Helen Harper and Nurture pads. These are perfect for office going women who usually do not find a proper way to dispose sanitary napkins in the office. A clean, discreet and eco-friendly way to pads disposal and complete peace of mind.

These are otherwise priced at Rs 15 Rs 10 introductory price per pack.

4. Everteen Natural Intimate Wash

Everteen Natural feminine Intimate Wash

This one is a repurchase and I bought 2 bottles of this. Three of my family members currently using it, including me. You can check the review HERE. You can buy HERE or HERE.

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  1. Could you please share the link of the reviews of the above products


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