Monday, March 10, 2014

Swatch Launches Pastry Chefs Collection of Delectable Watches

Swatch Pastry Chefs Collection LaunchThe Swatch Spring-Summer Pastry Chefs Collection is inspired by sweet flavors and treats from your local candy shop. With watches looking like waffles and sprinklers and macaroons, the Pastry Chefs Collection is good enough to eat and satisfy any sweet tooth.

Swatch pastry Chefs Collection Launch Event

Swatch, the Swiss Watch brand, keeping in line with its tradition of hosting out-of-the-ordinary events, hosted an original launch for its latest and colorful Pastry Chefs collection.

Swatch Pastry Chefs Collection Launch Event
Mr. Jyoti Das, Brand Manager Swatch India & Ms. Kainaaz Messman, Theobroma, flaunting their Swacth Pastry Chefs Watches
To mark the launch, Swatch, brought in the popular Pastry Chef Kainaz Messman who undertook a master class with her famous truffle cupcakes and got the people to participate & decorate them with colorful fondants cutouts and edible colors.
Swatch Pastry Chefs Collection Launch
A Day of Sweet Delights and Pastry Making with Swatch
Swatch Pastry Chefs Collection Launch Event
Masterclass at The Swatch Pastry Chefs event
Swatch Pastry Chefs Collection Launch Event
Three Winning cupcakes of the competition
The whole event turned-out in a fun activity for participants! Kainaaz, then unveiled her interpretation of the Swatch Pastry Chefs collection. A beautiful multi tiered white and minty green truffle cake, was not only a real treat for eyes but also a delectable delight. This delicate watch with cascading colourful (icing) and watch (motifs) looks every bit of cake-aholic's bliss!

Swatch Pastry Chefs Collection Launch Event
Jyoti Das, Brand Manager Swatch India & Kainaaz Messman, Theobroma with the Swatch Watch cake
Swatch Pastry Chefs Collection Launch Event
Kainaaz, Special Guest & a Pastry Chef with the collection watch
The sweet arts are practiced everywhere, and Swatch offers samples from candy shops, chocolate boutiques and pastry heavens around the world, everything from cupcakes and licorice to macarons and mints.

Swatch Pastry Chefs Collection Launch Event
Dance performance at the Pastry Chefs Collection launch event
Swatch Pastry Chefs Collection: Caramellissima Watch
Swatch Pastry Chefs Collection: Caramellissima Watch
Swatch Pastry Chefs Collection: Lekker, Peppercane and Sprinkled Watches
The Pastry Chefs collection, price starting with Rs.3900, now available at all leading Swatch Boutiques. Not only do the watches look like delectable sweets, they also come in a Special Packaging that looks like one, too. Check out the complete collection here.

Swatch Launches Pastry Chefs Spring Summer Collection 2014

Swatch, launched in 1983 by Nicolas G. Hayek, is a leading Swiss watch maker and one of the world's most popular brands. The first Swatch watches surprised everyone with their revolutionary concept, creative design and provocative spirit. 

Today Swatch continues to innovate and surprise with new models, collections and special editions. The brand maintains a strong presence in the world of sports with its commitment to snowboarding, freeskiing, surfing, FMX and ice cross downhill. Right from the start, Swatch connected with art and artists, and Swatch watches remain a prominent canvas for artists from a broad range of disciplines.

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  1. yummy collection.. the watches are differently designed!


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