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Sofy Sidewalls and Sofy Bodyfit Sanitary Napkins Review

Sofy Sidewalls and Sofy Bodyfit Sanitary Napkins Review

This is a review of Sofy Bodyfit Sanitary Napkins. Sofy Body Fit is the new line of Sanitary Napkins launched by Unicharm in India. Those of you who don't know, Unicharm is a famous Japanese brand that makes Mamy Poko Pants (Baby Care item) and SOFY Sanitary Napkins (Feminine Hygiene).

Both their diapers and Sanitary Napkins are just super awesome, and they literally changed the scene in India by making excellent quality sanitary napkins available to women at a very competitive and economical price. The launch of SOFY Sanitary Napkins in India actually came as a breather after a long monopoly of Whisper (a P&G product) and it's ever increasing prices.

Sofy bodyfit side walls review

In December 2013, I saw the ad for SOFY Body Fit and it instantly aroused my interest. I checked all local shops but being a new product, it was not available here and still isn't. I contacted Unicharm for a sample and they generously sent me samples of the entire SOFY Body Fit range. I have used them for 3 months/menstrual cycles now along with my previously stocked Sofy Side walls napkins.

So here's the review. I am going to discuss all the 4 varieties of SOFY pads currently available in India.

1. SOFY Side Walls DRY XL

Sofy Side Walls Sanitary Napkin review
Pad length: 29 cm
Pack Size and Price: 6 pads for INR 49 | 12 pads for INR 95

Sofy Side Walls Review

SOFY's previous range was Sofy Side Walls that used to come as Sofy Side Walls 'DRY' and Sofy Side Walls 'SOFT' packs. The Sofy Side Walls 'SOFT' napkins are discontinued and only the XL size in 'DRY' range is left from their previous Side Walls range.

Sofy Side Walls review
Each pad comes in an individual cottony paper wrap which is used to later cover and dispose a used napkin.
Sofy Side Walls Sanitary Napkin review
SOFY Side Walls XL Dry Ultra Slim Napkin: Pad Length 29 cm
SOFY Sidewalls DRY XL is meant for heavy flow and long hours. It has a plastic top layer, which is far more comfortable and itch-free as compared to Whisper. It absorbs very well. Back leak/staining had become a regular problem with Whisper Ultra but after using SOFY sidewalls, I never had to face that again. It is still the best one for night use. If you change and use this napkin right before going to sleep, you usually will not have to get up in the middle of the night to change pads even during very heavy flow.

The problem with this SOFY sidewalls napkin is that it is broader than other napkins in the market and the napkin twists and distorts soon after wearing, especially for women with broader thighs. So if you don't reset/straighten it every time you go to the washroom, the liquid stains inner thighs during very heavy flow. Despite the side walls that claim to prevent side leakage, most women complained of staining in inner thighs.

The new SOFY Body Fit range takes care of both these problems. You can read detailed review and experience of many users in the comments in my earlier review HERE.

2. SOFY Bodyfit Slim with Side Walls

These come in a small and a large red pack, but both packs contain the same XL sized pads.

SOFY Bodyfit Slim review

Pad length: 29 cm
Pack Size and Price: 6 pads for INR 49 | 12 pads for INR 95

SOFY Bodyfit Slim with Side Walls review

SOFY Body fit Napkin review

This SOFY Body Fit Slim Napkin is quite similar to the SOFY Sidewalls Dry Ultra Slim napkin discussed in point 1 above. You can call it a better, more improved variation of 1. Each pad again comes in a cottony paper wrap.

SOFY Bodyfit Slim review

SOFY claims that the Body Fit napkins have a Double Absorbent Core, meaning the capsule shaped thick portion right in the center is thicker than the rest of the pad. Not only does this absorb heavy flow excellently, the raised middle part of the pad fits the female body better by filling in the gap between our thighs and the vagina. That's why these have been named 'Body Fit.'

SOFY Body Fit Slim Sanitary Napkin Review
SOFY Body Fit Slim with Side Walls XL Napkin: Pad length 29 cm
It has the same pad length, Same pack size, Same price and almost equal absorption as SOFY Sidewalls Dry discussed above. This one also has side walls.

Sofy Side Walls and Sofy Bodyfit review
(L) SOFY Side Walls Dry XL - Plastic Top Cover
(R) SOFY Side Walls Body Fit Slim XL - Cotton Top Cover
The 3 Blue lines at the edges are the side walls
The dots on the pads are small absorption points/funnels.

The main difference is that this one is feather soft and extremely comfortable. The top layer of this pad is cotton instead of plastic. The pad has the same width as Sofy Sidewalls dry pad but it does NOT distort and stays in shape (Shape Maintenance System). There is absolutely NO staining or mess at all. All the liquid stays mainly in the center part of the napkin and except at night, the remaining part of the pad remains unused and white.

The absorption is good but I feel this is not the ideal night pad, even though it is so very very comfortable. During heavy flow, the pad got all full at night and I had to get up in the middle of night to change it. I give it a thumbs up because it saved my clothes and kept absorbing to 100% of its potential which surprised me. If you stay up till late night, you can use it as a night pad for 4-5 hours.

Out of all the 4 SOFY napkin variations, this one has very less glue. So while visiting the washroom, the front 1/3rd part of the napkin detaches from the panty and folds back. If you are not careful enough, you end up wearing the folded pad and folded back side gets stained. The napkin goes waste as you need to then change it.

Now lets come to the Pink Packs. Just like the red packs, the pink packs also come in a small and a large packing, but both packs contain different pads. The smaller pack has XL sized pads and the bigger pack has regular/small sized pads.

Sofy body fit napkin pad review

The SOFY napkins in pink packs are without Side Walls. These are cheaper and yet very very comfortable. These come in 2 sizes: XL and Regular. Even though SOFY counts them in the Maxi range and has not labeled them as 'slim' like 1 and 2 above, rest assured that these are slim too.

SOFY body fit sanitary napkin review India

3. SOFY Bodyfit XLARGE (Extra Large)

Sofy Body Fit napkin reviews pics price

Pad length: 29 cm
Pack Size and Price: 6 pads for INR 35

SOFY Body Fit XL Napkin review pics

SOFY Bodyfit X Large Napkin is 29 cms long, which is the same length as 1 and 2 above. It looks similar to SOFY body fit slim except that this one does not have any side walls. Also, they have wrapped each pad in a plastic outer cover so you can easily differentiate it from the red ones (which come in cottony cover). There is no pink tape seal.

SOFY Body Fit XL Sanitary Napkin review pics
SOFY Body Fit XLARGE Napkin: Pad length 29 cm
Performance wise, this pad is equally comfortable as the red pack and the napkin does not distort. The liquid remains in the center. BUT the absorption capacity of this pad is low as compared to the red pack/ SOFY body fit slim.

This is NOT suitable for night use. I once used it at night and within 3 hours the pad was full and my clothes stained. I had to clean up and wash clothes in cold water at 2 am in winters. This is super comfy for day use and very economical. On heavy flow days, you will need to change the napkin every 3 hours or less.


SOFY Bodyfit REGULAR review

Pad length: 23 cm
Pack Size and Price: 8 pads for INR 29, which comes to Rs 3.63/pad which even the poorest of people can afford, thanks to SOFY.

SOFY Bodyfit REGULAR Sanitary Napkin review

This is the only napkin in the current SOFY range that is small is size. Its size reminds me of Whisper Maxi. I have used Whisper Maxi once and it was so thick, I couldn't even sit properly. Thankfully SOFY Bodyfit Regular is far slimmer than Whisper Maxi and is cottony soft too.

SOFY Bodyfit REGULAR Sanitary Napkin pictures
SOFY Body Fit REGULAR Napkin: Pad Length 23 cm

Although SOFY claims it to be ideal for medium to heavy flow, this one is actually NOT suitable for heavy flow. The pad is very small and is suitable only for very thin women or for use during the last 2-3 days of periods when the flow is declining. Therefore, you can save on the costlier ones by using these on the less flow days.

SOFY body fit sanitary napkin review pics price


I am happy with the new body fit range as it is extremely comfortable, the napkin stays in place, the shape does not deform and there is absolutely no staining of thighs. These are so light and soft that at times I forget I am wearing a pad.

As the liquid stays mainly in the center of the pad, it is essential to change pad every 3-4 hours else you may experience stink. It is anyways recommended to change your pad at least every 3-4 hours even for hygiene reasons and within 2-3 hours during very heavy flow.

The older SOFY Side Walls Dry XL is still my choice for night use as I find the Body Fit range not completely reliable for night use. Apart from that, if you can't bear the sight of blood, then go for the older version of pad (No. 1 above) which has a plastic top shield and the liquid converts to gel and does not show on the top layer. If you want more comfort and can bear the sight of blood, go for the body fit range at least for day use.

SOFY Body Fit Side Walls review
SOFY also has a night Napkin (SOFY Bodyfit Comfort Night) available in other countries which is very long (41 cm) and broad at the back, just like Whisper Night pads. But the night pads have sadly not yet been released in the Indian market. I wonder why they are keeping it only to other countries when it will do exceedingly well in India too, as women anywhere in the world need good night pads for a worry free sleep at night during those days.

The present range of SOFY sanitary napkins is excellent but I strongly feel they should bring the Night pads to India, what do you say?


You can find these easily in Big Bazaar, Easy Day or other local stores in your city. If you face any problem finding or buying these, let me know.

Online, you can buy Sofy Side Walls Dry at (I am giving direct product links),,,,, etc.

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  1. I so agree about whisper and their ever increasing prices. I haven't tried these yet! will tell my mum then. Very detailed and well explained review Gagan!

    1. Thanks Niesha. Whisper irritated my skin so I was forced to look for other options.

    2. Exactly ,I was very loyal customer of whisper but it irritated my skin like hell ,I was using the ultra one ,prices have increased and quality has downgraded so much ,I literally got cut and rashes ,so I switched to sofy andsoft and I have been using sofy body fir extra large one for 5months now it's not just cheap ,but also very comfortable and of good quality.

  2. Hi, Very good review. I would like to know that in sofy xl range will their be slim or only ultra slim.

    1. If you are asking about the thickness, then SOFY doesn't make those traditional thick pads as ultra slim pads are comfortable and also don't show up oddly when wearing a jeans or trousers. But this does not affect the absorption. The ultra slim pads these days are made from very advanced technology highly absorbent cellulose and other stuff.

      If you are looking for high absorption, then go for the original SOFY pads, the one mentioned under number 1 above.

  3. Hi, as you said nice pads with Cottony cover and it feels so soft . I loved it . Sometimes I can't even feel the pad .
    It is a way better than Whisper pads.

    1. Thanks a ton for your feedback. And yes, I am still using these and completely agree that at times I forget that I am wearing a pad :)

  4. Hello, I need your opinion. My 12yearold daughter is a tennis player, she goes for practice daily. She is not at all happy with Whisper. Please suggest if Sofy will suit her and which type to opt for? Thanks a lot.

    1. Dear Nivedita, a 12 year old is quite young and worrying about the pad and leakage should definitely be the last thing on her list. Normally companies makes the 23mm size for adolescents as their body is thinner/smaller than a fully developed woman's body. But I would recommend using the X-Large size so she feels greatly protected from stains and can concentrate on playing.

      You can get her a pack of both number 1 and number 2 above.

      No.1 is the pink-purple pack. It provides the longest hours of absorption and the liquid is absorbed deep inside which means the top layer of the pad does not look bad or disturbing to a kid. The only downside with this one is that it stains the thighs a little bit during very heavy flow but that doesn't spoil clothes. That can be easily taken care of with wet wipes during visit to the washroom. This one has a plasticky top shield but it's much much softer than whisper, so she she may like this one.

      The number 2 above is almost equally good. It is even further softer, drier and comfortable in feel than number 1 and has a paper/cotton type feel. Can absorb up to 4 hours in very heavy flow. The only downside with this is that you can see the absorbed blood on the top sheet and for some people that is disturbing and unpleasant. So if that is ok with her, you can get her this one too and then let her decide which one she likes better.

      Sofy has also recently launched anti-bacterial pads in the bodyfit range but I am yet to try those. These are also easily available in the market now and as per my understanding the absorption should be around 3-4 hours only in very heavy flow.

      The pink-purple (no.1 above) pack is the only one that can absorb for up to 5 hours or more.

      Hope this helps!

    2. Thanks a lot. You are right, she is too young. Her periods started just last month and she is not at all comfortable wih wearing pads and playing. I shall try your suggestion and hope it works out fine. Thanks again.

  5. i am only 14 years old.
    should i use sofy ? which size? pls explain to me sis

    1. Normally companies make the 23 mm size for younger girls as their body is thinner and smaller than a fully grown woman. These smaller pads are economic too.

      For night use, the 23 mm pad may not provide sufficient protection. So you can buy the pink-purple pack/No.1 above.

      I use number 1 for heavy flow days (first 3 days) and then the 4th one (23 mm size) for the last days when the flow is really low as these are more economical.

      You can also try CozyCare napkins. Their absorption is also very good and they are very slim and comfortable. Recently they have also launched a soft range like sofy bodyfit: Yellow pack for small length napkin and purple pack for XL size. Red pack XL is similar to Sofy Sidewalls (no.1 above)

      Also read my reply to Nivedita's comment right above your comment and feel free to ask if you have any more questions :)

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this..whisper gave me really bad rashes...your detailed write up helped me choose the perfect sanitary napkin for me. Sofy is indeed way better.
    Thank you.

  7. Last month, I got curious when I saw this in a department store here in the Philippines. The first night I tried their pad with 35cm with wings, I was so scared to leave stains on my bed. I was surprised to not have any the next day. Now I ran out and I must have it! Does anyone know if they sell it exclusively to SM or Watson's here in Manila? I really need to have one again! - P

    1. Hi! I've been using the night pads for since I was in college and I'm already 27. And since I have been using this product I only seen it being sold in SM supermarkets with limited stocks.I recently bought many packs of the night pads from MOA hypermart.try searching it on savemore & hypermarket.i have not seen one being sold in Watsons.

    2. Hi, appreciate the time you took out for answering her question. Thanks so much. Hope it helps her :)

  8. Thanks for the explanation, I was of using the other over nights gel pads and the rashes freaked me out. There was a misconception about a lower priced product to be bad quality, I accidentally used this pad as I needed one urgently and since the last 6 months I haven't even bought any other pad. I have been telling it to all my friends to try it. My only problem is that I cannot find it often my city,so now I have taken it to ordering huge quantities online! It's a must try girls!!

  9. Hii...
    I am currently using sofy bodyfit xlarge pads but the napkin twists and distorts soon after wearing.. plz suggest me which one is best form sofy?

    1. Really? Sofy bodyfit is now twisting... hmmm I used it for a few months when it was launched and never faced distortion though I got sick of the poor performance. For me the pad lasted max 2 hours of absorption which became a real pain to change the pad every two hours or less and forget using at night, I suffered leaks many times. So I am back to using their original sofy side walls (number 1 above) and cozycare's comfy thin red packet (the review link is above at the end of the article). Cozycare doesn't comfy thin doesn't distort for me.

      I also recently tried sofy's antibacterial pads and Unicharm seems to have gone mad. The antibacterial ones have an insane amount of perfume which itches in private parts. So their original pink-purple pack of sidewalls is still the best one in terms of absorption and I am not facing as much distortion of the pad as I used to face earlier. There is clearly some change in the quality.

  10. Thanks for your review. Now I m going to try first option (above)

  11. I have been using sofy body fit pads (red pack) under 2 above for a year now and have been I love with it ever since. I know for hygiene purposes one must change the pad every few hours but I have at times due to travelling issues kept the lad for the entire day and uptil late into the night without staining issues that even on the second day of my menses so when you said you couldn't use it for more than 2-3 hrs on heavy flow days it kind of surprised me. Also can you tell me if the same sofy pad under 2 above is available without the sidewalls because I find the sidewalls to be useless. Is it the 3rd one? Is the third one exactly like the second minus the sidewalls?

  12. whisper ultra clean is better than sofy sanitary napkins

  13. Apart from the useless scent and plasticky cover, the whisper pads made a squeaky noise when I walked.. I stuck with them because they were the best in the market but after reading your review I immediately went and bought the soft body fit and I can't thank you enough :)

  14. Nice review! I so agree with the itchiness and rashes caused by Whisper and at that price range, it was not worth it. I then switched to Stayfree which was far better than Whisper. I recently saw the SOFY bodyfit pack at the store and bought it. How do they provide such quality product at so cheap a rate? Its very thin, cottony soft and yes it absorbs well. I found it better than Stayfree as well...

  15. can you suggest me which i should because i dont gettime to change for 7-8 hrs.which would be best for me?

  16. Hi
    I was earlier using stayfree for long but recently I started itching in my intimate area so I change so I am going to try sofy side walls dry first time. So I wanted to ask is it unscented and cotton as I don't want to get itchy again do reply

  17. Hi thank you so much for the review! I am a student researching on Sofy Extra Dry Slim 23cm pads. Was wondering if you know where to get info on sales report of the product or other relevant products of Sofy. It would be a tremendous help to me and I would appreciate it so much if you do! Thank you!

  18. Hi, m so much impressed with Sofy napkin in terms of its quality and pricing. Apart from this, i enjoy every time i changes the napkin with its messages written on the middle of the pad. It makes me smile every time i changed the pad. When you make me smile, i believed you would have made millions of people smile. I feel happy to be menstruating with SOFY! 😘

  19. I am use a lot of companies sanitary napkins. But my sofy napkins experience is awesome and excellent satisfaction. Best and mostly used sanitry napkins in my area himachal pradesh.


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