Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My Wishes For Us All in 2014

Every year we form new bonds and break some old ones. We gain new friends and lose some loved ones to ego, to circumstances and sometimes to unknown reasons. And when we lose a loved one, a part of us is lost too. It leaves us in pain, in confusion and the questions left unanswered, which keep haunting us in the future too. This new year, I wish us all redemption from any painful past incidents, and the key to those unanswered questions.

May 2014 unfold many new revelations in our lives, revelations that may initially shock us, but which make us thankful of the things that happened in the past, that we could not understand at that time. May those revelations instill new hope and courage in us to make new beginnings. May true love always return to us shining bright and making way through all misunderstandings and may we be protected from fake and mean people even if that means pain initially.

I wish us all redemption from the fears we have nurtured so far due to our failures or breaking of our faith, and wish us the courage to be different, to be creative, to carry on on our life paths despite all difficulties and odds, and the courage to still believe in miracles of life, miracles of the Superpower Mastermind God.

I wish us all to dust off the failures from our scraped knees, stand up and keep going on our chosen path. Success may not always be in the form that we can identify or define. At times, it takes years to understand what we had achieved at a certain point in life was already the success we needed. May we never feel shame in learning new things or learning from a younger one, because learning has no relation to age.

May we all be shaken out of our comfort zones multiple times, even if that may arise anger, hatred or resistance in us initially. I always used to curse when this would happen to me unless I learnt that miracles happen only outside of our comfort zone, where we risk things and show courage.

We always pray and ask for what we want (which may or may not be right for us), but God knows and gives us what we actually need.

I wish us all the warmth of love in strangers and in knowns, the gift of good health, the ability to spark a rainbow smile through the rain of tears, the belief in many miraculous moments our every single day is filled with and the ability to identify and appreciate those miracles no matter how small. This New Year I wish us all lots of happiness and new dreams to look forward to. To Love, to Hope, to Success and to New Beginnings... Cheers to 2014... Cheers to LIFE!

Keep the torch of love, faith and knowledge burning!

Note: The images belong to Paulo Coelho, who is my favorite author, guide and mentor, and whose philosophy always instills love and faith in me.


  1. wishful thinking and wonderful thoughts!!
    happy new year gagan :) May the Lord fulfill all your wishes and bring in prosperity and happiness for all :)

  2. Wish you and Khush all that you deserve and more :) happy new year Gagan :)

  3. I loved all the quotes by Paulo Coelho. Happy new to you and your entire family dear!!! may god shower his continuously love on you all! <3 <3

  4. Happy New year Gagan :) Beautiful quotes!!

  5. Amen to all of above! Love the quotes! Happy New Year!

  6. Wish vyou a happy new 2014 sis :)


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