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Maybelline Baby Lips New Bright Collection Tangerine Pop Color Lip Balm Review

Maybelline Baby Lips Tangerine Pop Review

Maybelline has just launched 3 new bright colors in its raved and famous Baby Lips lip balm collection. This is a review of the shade Tangerine Pop from the newly launched 'New Bright Collection' of Maybelline Baby Lips. Don't go by the name 'bright' or you will be disappointed because Tangerine Pop is a gorgeous soft peachy orange shade, nowhere near to 'bright'. It is a translucent lip balm. It looks like you have applied lip gloss but it is totally non-sticky. It gives a healthy peach glow to lips making them look natural and full. You can buy it from HERE.

Maybelline Baby Lips New bright collection tangerine pop review

Maybelline babylips new Tangerine pop review

Price: INR 150
Quantity: 4.5 gms
SPF 16
Shelf Life: 36 Months from Mfg.
Made in Thailand
Imported and Marketed by L'Oreal India Pvt. Ltd. (Yes, Maybelline is owned by L'Oreal)

Maybelline Baby Lips Tangerine Pop India review

Other 2 shades in the New Bright Collection: Pink Peony and Neon Rose

Availability: I got it from

Best lip balm with SPF~
The previous range of Maybelline Baby Lips had 7 flavors (5 colored and 2 transparent). I was about to finish my Maybelline Baby Lips Antioxidant Berry and while re-ordering, I noticed these new shades. The previous range was made in China and these ones are made in Thailand. The previous ones had opaque caps and these have translucent caps.


Maybelline Babylips Tangerine Pop Color lip balm Ingredients


New Maybelline Baby Lips Bright Collection Tangerine Pop review price swatch

Each colored Maybelline Lip Balm comes in a matching pack/container. Maybelline Tangerine Pop has a fruity bubblegum flavor. The taste goes away within a minute. The fragrance is VERY light and it does not irritate my throat like the Antioxidant Berry Babylips used to do initially.

This is my first colored lip balm so I was not sure how bright or how sheer the color is. Like all other colored variations of Baby Lips, this too has SPF 16 and claims to keep lips hydrated for at least 6 hours. The transparent Babylips flavors have SPF 20 with 8hr hydration claim. So I was apprehensive that this colored balm might not be as hydrating as the transparent one (antioxidant berry) I had tried earlier.

Maybelline Baby Lips New Colors India Tangerine Pop Review

But rather this Tangerine Pop colored lip balm works as good as the transparent ones. It keeps my lips hydrated for 3-4 hours. The 6 hours hydration claim may be true for summers and other seasons. It completely heals severely damaged lips within 2 days and even removes any tanning or pigmentation that had been there. The outline of my lips had become a bit dark but now it is back to pink within a few days.

On healthy or slightly chapped lips it stays a good 3 hours at least, without eating. After eating, the balm is gone but lips are still soft for another hour or so. A hint of peach color is left on the lips but that does not look odd or unnatural. If you apply liberally, the color shows/bleeds a little at the edges of lips and can be wiped off easily with finger. If you apply liberally on very chapped lips, the color gets trapped under the damaged skin and shows a little. But as the color is sheer, even that does not look bad or attention catching.

I like Maybelline baby lips mainly because they actually hydrate my lips and keep them healthy. I love that this has sun protection too. It is very convenient to use and carry as the packing comes in a hygienic lipstick-like twist up stick. The cap is sufficiently tight and does not get off on its own.

Before I started using Maybelline Baby Lips lip balms, my lips used to be ALWAYS chapped so much so that my son had pointed it out when it pricked him while kissing his cheeks. And when this healed my lips, he was surprised and asked how did my lips become soft. No doubt I love these. The previous one lasted me 5.5 months. Being winters, this may last a little less.

Maybelline Baby Lips New Bright Collection Tangerine Pop

I am in love with this shade, it's like a blush for the lips and even guys can carry this shade. Here are some swatches in different lighting. Left is single swipe, right is multiple swipes.

Maybelline Baby Lips Tangerine Pop Swatch reviewMaybelline Baby Lips Tangerine Pop Swatch review

Maybelline Baby Lips Tangerine Pop Swatch review
Maybelline Baby Lips Tangerine Pop Swatch Review

These colored lip balms are also a great choice for college students who want a touch of glamor without looking made up. I will review Pink Peony shortly.

So which is your favorite lip balm?


  1. Seems so yummy! haha:) and m out of lip balm so this came at just the right time.. thank u again :):)

    1. Yes these are yummy and tangerine pop is a gorgeous shade. Now these are showing up on a few more sites too recently. You can check too or just google for more options.

  2. love baby maybelline shld have changed their baby lips packaging in india..nice review

    1. Me too love this range. I like the packaging like this. The transparent packing I have seen for other countries looks like it would just break any moment. This one looks classy to me :)

  3. My favorites are Clinique Superbalm Lip Treatment & Beecology Lemon Lavender Lip Balm :)

    1. Wow, the lemon lavender one sounds so tempting. I am gonna make some of my own with beeswax. I wish I could find good quality twist up containers.

  4. I love baby lips!! I will try the new one soon! :)

  5. thats really nice and tempting.. i love baby lips :)

    1. Me too love these, they actually give you kissable lips, isn't it :)

  6. baby lips is a hit for me :) works great for chapped lips in this weather.

  7. Tangerine should be delicious.


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