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After reading my shopping review, I am sure you all know by now that I had placed an order on the same night. This was my second order with them. In my first order, I had ordered books and they reached super fast in perfect condition. But I was hesitant to buy personal care and makeup from them as I had read in some reviews that they shipped late or cancelled the order after a long wait.

flipkart reviews

I needed some personal care items for my son and Flipkart was the only store where I got all items available. Also, I saw some amazing discounts on certain products. So I went ahead and placed the order, fully prepared that there could be a delay in receiving some of them.

After reading the Jabong review, a few people told me that Flipkart is no better and that they have received late orders from Flipkart too. Now let me explain why this could have happened and this is a very important point to understand if you are planning to buy from 

Flipkart has it's own retail online store as well as there are other sellers who have tied up with them and sell through them (just like snapdeal). Items being sold by flipkart would show W.S. Retail as the seller. Some items will show multiple sellers which may or may not include W.S.Retail (Flipkart). So when I shopped, I picked up only those items which were being sold by W.S.Retail (Flipkart). This is not possible for all items because a lot of stuff there is from partner sellers. But I did this just to ensure that all items are shipped through Flipkart warehouse only and this might speed up the shipping.

You will see a certain delivery charge for each item which is being sold by a partner seller on Flipkart. For W.S.Retail, you get free shipping on all orders above Rs 500.

My order was split into 4 shipments. I got a prompt SMS and email at every single step. I placed the order late night/early Sunday morning and to my surprise, all the 4 shipments were dispatched on Sunday itself. I received the first dispatch notification before noon and then 3 more, each after a little gap from the previous one. On Tuesday morning, I received an SMS informing me of the name and contact number of the delivery guy along with what time he will come. Impressive, isn't it? The delivery person checked my ID proof each time before handing over the parcel. I even received an SMS for every delivery confirming who received it at my home and at what time.

I received the 4 parcels on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday respectively. I was pretty surprised when I got to know that the delivery boy had come from 2 cities away to deliver here, because Flipkart's own courier service is available till Jalandhar. If I had chosen products from other sellers, it may have taken longer, depending on when that seller ships the item. Some are really prompt while some may not be.

As for the packing, it is unparalleled. Let the pictures speak for themselves.

Flipkart packing review
Soulflower Oils. Got the INR 299 ones for just INR 99
Even some INR 450 massage oils were available for INR 99 only
The products were fresh and the packing for each item was flawless. I had bought some aromatherapy oils at superb discount and each one was packed in a cardboard box sealed with a flipkart holographic tape, which was proof of the quality check each item had gone through. Shopping Experience Review
Aloe Derma Extra Gentle Baby Bath and Shower Gel. Read review HERE. Shopping Experience Review
Chicco Baby Talcum Powder and Nuby Aloe Baby Shampoo
No Ugly Tapes. Classy Big Bubble Wraps Shopping Experience Review
I was surprised to see Air-filled bags under the products, for extra cushioning and safety
I had also bought an angry birds lunch box for my kid. It did not look good in the picture on flipkart website but my son badly wanted it. When I received it, the lunch box was of AMAZING quality for the price I paid. I have bought trash items from other kids online stores in the past for that price.

I left a review on one of the items on their website and their team called me and answered all my questions. Overall it was a fabulous experience.

If you have never shopped online, or you are hesitant to share your payment details when shopping online, do read my online shopping guides:


  1. U bought lovely stuff..Waiting for review of that baby shampoo..n u knw samar also love his angry bird lunch box..great post dear :):)

    1. Thanks Tej. Yeah kids are either crazy about Doremon or Angry Birds or Ben 10 :) I will review that shampoo on the Kids Blog shortly and let you know.

  2. I loved the packaging. I wish flipkart could deliver at my place.

    1. Oh I thought you stay in Delhi. I wish you are also able to enjoy their service some day :)

  3. Good and informative review :)
    My experience with Flipkart have been the same. And when other sellers are involved its usually written below the product. My only problem is they dispatch each item separately.

    1. Thanks for explaining the point about other sellers Joyi. Even I wonder why they dispatch items in separate parcels even though sometimes those products are shipped from the same warehouse. I really wonder how they are making profits while spending so much on the packing, the service and still giving good discounts. But I am happy there are still businesses like that :)

  4. nice stuff... i have bought only books from them till now... :)
    even i have heard about their sale!

    1. Oh, nice to know that you also like reading :) The sale was on limited stuff but I have noticed you have to keep checking their site regularly because discounts keep flashing on some or the other products, which they may not even advertise about openly. It's like a hidden treasure.

  5. And the Angry Birds presume power again hahahaha :)

    1. Ha ha :) and now I can't blog as often as I would like to because the angry birds like to spend more time on my comp screen.

  6. i have ordered soulflower soaps after ur reviews.. best online shopping site


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