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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Soulflower Feels Like Silk Soap Review

This is a review of Soulflower Feels Like Silk soap. This soap can be used for bathing or just for cleaning the face, and is particularly suitable for dry skinned people. It effectively cleans my body without leaving it dry or oily.

Soulflower Feels Like Silk Soap Review

Some of you may have seen the Aloe Veda soaps I had reviewed in the past. I tried many of them, some were good but most turned out bad. Two of them even gave me itching. When I found about the undisclosed chemicals and Propylene Glycol they use in their soaps, it completely turned me off. 

Soulflower soaps are true chemical-free hand made soaps and there is a reason why people rave about this brand. You can appreciate them only after you have used them and seen the value they add to your skin care.

Soulflower Feels Like Skin Soap:

Weight: 150 gms
Price: INR 250 (I got at 15% discount for INR 212.50)
Shelf Life: 36 months
Made in Thailand


Soulflower Feels Like Silk Soap Ingredients Review Description
Click on Image to see enlarged view
Contains aloe vera, turmeric, honey, beeswax, calendula, patchouli, cocoa butter, tea tree essential oils, almond oil, avocado oil, wheatgerm oil, neem oil, Vitamin E, Aqua, permitted edible color and aroma, saponified oils of coconut, castor & olive. You can read the benefits of each ingredient here.

One thing I am confused about here is that Soulflower products do contain honey and in the package description it says "100% vegan". The two things are contradictory. It does not make any difference to me, but for people who are vegan and don't use ANY animal products, this soap is NOT vegan as it has honey.

Also, out of the 3 soap bars I bought, the Happy Feet Soap felt the heaviest, though all 3 are supposed to be 150 gms. It is very difficult to achieve a net weight for handmade products like candles or soaps, so just sharing this as an observation.


I have dry sensitive skin which turns normal in Summers. But I cannot use ordinary soaps as they give me rashes and itching. This soap is specifically for Dry Skin and I had initially bought it for facial use only. But I fell so much in love with their 'Baby Your Skin' soap for my face, I kept this one for bathing.

Soulflower Feels Like Silk Soap Review how to care handmade soaps
Doesn't it look like some sweet?
I cut the soap bar into 4 pieces. For facial use, such small pieces are fine. BUT for bathing, the piece becomes too small to handle. Cutting into only 2 pieces would be sufficient for bathing purpose.

One piece lasted me exactly 10 uses. I pressed the left over thin wafer of soap on the next piece and joined with it.

Even though the package description says "Cocoa butter is added for great moisturizing and lather", this soap does not lather easily, especially with small pieces. The lather is creamy and on rinsing out, you can see light yellow turmeric color.

One very important thing I would like to share is that Soulflower Feels Like Silk soap does make your skin Silky soft BUT the smell is a turn off. It has a mixed fragrance. There are sweet aroma notes like an incense stick (agarbatti) mixed with with a smell like that of khakhi vegetable oil soaps which we use for laundry. So people who are all for fragrance and rich aromas may not like its smell.

Initially I also didn't like the smell because when you unpack, the locked aroma is usually quite strong. After 2-3 uses, the smell reduced and I got used to it. Moreover, it has won me over with the glow it has added to my skin. So I would still repurchase it for all its goodness. 

I don't need to use a moisturizer. Skin always feels squeaky clean and almost dry after bath, and then softens up after 10 min. There was never any itching.


1. Don't wet the soap bar. Your wet hands would be enough to make the soap work or add a few drops while rubbing. After rubbing the soap, rub your hands on the skin to create a creamy lather.
2. Cut the bar into 2 pieces (for bathing) or 4 pieces (for facial use) and store the remaining piece(s) in a cool dry place. I usually keep the pieces in the same wrapper and put a rubber band. Then store in a box.
3. After each use, let the soap dry for a few minutes and keep in a covered soap-box or loosely cover with foil. There are no artificial hardeners so it may dry up and lather less if not preserved properly.

You can see my Soulflower haul HERE. Read the review of the Happy Feet Pedicure soap HERE. Other products I am currently using are: Aromatherapy roll ons, Baby Your Skin Soap, Some Oils, Happy Feet soap and Rosemary Lavender Shampoo bar.


  1. liked the entire experience u had with all plus n minus points (which actually may not be really negatives)... indeed Soulflower has a product for every need and using those once makes us addicted to their natural products :)


    1. You are very correct Shilpa. They do have a product for every mood and need, and those points are actually not negatives. For me it signifies no additional chemicals. Yes, I am hooked too :) ... totally get what you mean.

  2. This does look like a sweet. I so want to try this soap. Will definitely get this.

  3. I really want to try these for me and my mum. Very nice and detailed review.:)

    1. Niesha since you are a lover of fragrances, you will find many amazing soaps in this brand. And this soap particularly will be good for you mom as I remember she has dry skin. if she doesn't mind its not so fragrant nature, she will love this soap.

  4. i found this soap very cute n yummy..
    really want to try these ..let me come to India then will get it...
    nice review gagan :)

    1. Thanks Tejinder. Now that you might be coming to India soon, do try them.

  5. liked your review about the soap... i have not tried this variant yet but i think i will like to skip it as it is meant for dry skin only. thank u gagan :)

    1. I am not sure about how it will fare on oily skin dear but one thing is sure, it cleanses without causing any dryness or any oiliness. Was thinking about your tomato soap you had bought recently. Waiting for you to review it :)

  6. Wow this soaps looks yummy Loved your review Gagan :D

  7. Hi Gagan
    I am using their Anti Aging has a nice fragrance and their are lil particles which act as scrub for the skin....had read good reviews abt it on their site and bought has goodeness of apples which is great for the skin wid all its antioxidant properties :) wud like to kno ur opinion abt this soap

    1. Dear Nity, I had read and approved this comment from phone but was later unable to find it. Finally guessed and checked soap articles :) Their A for anti ageing soap may initially feel very drying like their other facial soaps but after a few uses it starts working. No soap can actually remove wrinkles, that you also understand. So this soap primarily scrubs off dead skin (exfoliates to reveal newer skin) and the fruit extracts provide antioxidant properties. That's all to it. You can use it like any other face wash. Soaps are otherwise harsh to be used on the face, it's only the essential oils or fruit extracts etc that make them suitable for cleansing the delicate facial skin. Yet I would recommend using only once a day or once in 2 days.

    2. Thanks for the reply :)
      Dear Gagan m using this soap for face as well as body as it is a soap and not a facewash......n bcoz it has the essential oils and fruit extracts i thot its good for face skin too n m finding it better than other facewash in fact

    3. Hi Nity, hope you are doing good. It's good to know you are liking the A for anti-ageing soap and that it's working for you. I haven't used it personally so I shared the feedback I got from other members. I have the same opinion of their Baby Your Skin soap, which is a scrub meant for the face but I like using it for bathing too. It worked really well for me :) When I said use it like any other facewash, I simply meant use it as a cleanser without expecting miracles like removing wrinkles. It would help in removing dead skin and exposing new fresh skin.

      Even face washes can be used on the body, there is no hard and fast rule. If something is mild enough to be used on the face, it is fine to be used on the body too. One member from Delhi uses Pears facewash for her bath. Of course all facial soaps are apt to be used on the body too. One girl from had bought the anti-ageing soap for her mom but it turned too dry for her or may be she didn't try long enough because once you start using any new product on the face, it takes a few days for our body to adjust the natural oil production and re-balance. Yes, these may be better than most facewashes but can be a bit drying in winters for some people's face, after all these are essentially soaps only.

  8. Nice Review Gagan. I love mostly all Soulflower products though I haven't used this soap but with its name always thought it would be nice to get one. But your review doesn't excite me at all about getting one now. The fragrance point is total turn off me. I love fragrances & that's what I see specially in a soap & I have an oily skin too so this soap is a Big No for me.


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