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Maybelline BabyLips Lip Balm Anti-Oxidant Berry Review

This is a review of Maybelline Babylips Lip Balm Anti-Oxidant Berry. This range of Maybelline lip balms comes in 7 flavors: 2 transparent and 5 tinted/colored.

Maybelline Babylips lip balm is around for almost a year now, and even after reading a few reviews, I didn't buy. I used to have ever dry lips as I take my tea very hot. It was when one day I kissed my little one and it pricked his soft cheeks, he asked me why my lips were so 'sharp'. That hit somewhere in my heart and I ended up buying this one for it's clams of 8-hr hydration.

Price: INR 125 (different for different flavors)
Quantity: 4gms
SPF 20
Color: Light Pink/ Transparent on Lips
Shelf Life: 36 months from date of Mfg
Made in China


Instant 8hr Moisture
Rejuvenated Lips in One Week
Enriched with Centella Wax
Maybelline BabyLips Lip Balm Anti-Oxidant Berry lip balm SPF 20 Review

It's proven: Centella Essence increases cell turnover to literally transform your lips:
  • Fine lines reduced
  • Elasticity increased
  • Suppleness increased

Maybelline BabyLips Lip Balm Anti-Oxidant Berry Ingredients

Maybelline BabyLips Lip Balm Anti-Oxidant Berry review
Used Tube. Actual length was more than this.

The first time, I applied Maybelline Babylips Antioxidant Berry lip balm at night on very chapped lips and woke up the next morning with super soft lips I had never felt for years. So it is true to its claim of giving you baby soft lips. Night was the best time to apply as your skin cells undergo repair during sleep.

Next day I applied in the day and even after two small meals, my lips were still soft and I didn't need to reapply. Within a few uses, it made the lips appear fuller and pinkish. My lips used to be dry so they never looked so pink earlier. When the skin is deeply hydrated, the translucent skin on the lips becomes more see-through and the lips appear pinker. This lip balm keeps lips soft the whole day with just one application, but you may reapply as per your requirement.

It is non-greasy. There is a slight shine when you apply, but it looks good and not too shiny. The color is baby pink but it is transparent on the lips. I didn't like the berry taste. Every time I apply it, I am reminded of mixed fruit jam :) I mean when I apply, I feel flavored fumes hit my mouth's roof, though I can't feel any taste on my tongue. Thankfully the fumes go away within a couple of minutes. But that's just a personal preference. Most of you should be fine with it as it is not a negative point.

I find this to be a good product and would like to try the tinted/ colored versions later. I have already tried it in direct sun and it gave good protection. This tube should last me pretty long and I don't like hoarding stuff. This is great value for money.

  • True to its claims of hydration
  • Repairs lips quickly
  • Doesn't need frequent reapplications
  • Stick packing is convenient, hygienic and travel friendly
  • SPF 20
  • Transparent color is suitable for both men and women
  • Cheaper than other variants, has higher SPF and hydration power
  • Value for Money

People with dark/pigmented lips may prefer the other flavors in colored variations.

The flavors of Maybelline Babylips Lip Balm released in India are different from their International flavors in other countries. Here are the other flavors available in India that you can try out:

Maybelline BabyLips Lip Balm Flavours and Price India
Maybelline Anti Oxidant Berry and Mango Pie flavors are both transparent on lips, have a higher SPF (20), higher hydration power (8hr claim) and cheaper than the rest of the flavors.  The colorless application makes these two flavors perfect for both men and women: great sun protection and hydration all round the year.

Those who prefer tinted lip balms, can try the remaining 5 colored flavors with SPF 16 and 6hr hydration claim. 

Easily available online and in local stores. Which one have you already tried and how's your experience with it?


  1. Nice Review Gagan I have one yet to use :p

    1. Great for summers it is Radha. I am using daily mainly because of SPF and just one application is enough.

  2. Have heard so much about these baby lips. Will definitely try it out. Currently i am using Nivea lip balms. They are pretty good too :)

    1. Even I took a long time to decide Megha. But I noticed the ingredient list is different for the tinted and non tinted babylips blams. Antioxidant berry was the best out of all the variations less chemicals, less pricey and more effective :) Thanks for telling about the Nivea ones.

  3. even i have never tried these dear.. heard a lot of positive reviews but never bought it as not able to finish my current ones. lip balms take sooooo long to empty... and plus i had not seen such detailed review of this product also.. u bring out each perspective in such clarity.. loved the review :)

    1. Thanks Supriya, your comments are a true motivation to me :) I agree lip balms take very long to use up. But I buy one at a time and got this one for the SPF mainly. Loving it.

    2. thank you for the kind words gagan :)

  4. I have used two of these and really impressed by how they fared and at the price!
    Nice review Gagan. I am planning to get one more now!

    1. Thanks Niesha. Yes I had read both your reviews and got very tempted to buy Rose Addict, but removed it from the cart at the last moment, thinking I won't need two lip balms for summer :) But I would definitely buy that in winter on your recommendation.

    2. he he sure dear!:)
      I have already finished the Rose one, I would like to try berry now and mango too!

    3. Wow, you use them religiously. For me once a day works good enough :) I have never used tinted lip balms before, so I will definitely try Rose and Cherry/Berry.

  5. nice review gagan.. heard a lot abt these baby lips.i haven't used yet..would definitely love to try..:)

    1. You are naturally blessed with supple lips Tej so you may not need one :) But it is actually a great product.

  6. ya! u r correct. it is the best lip balm.

  7. I recently bought mango pie baby lips and I must say it's an awesome lip balm, it hydrates my lips and keeps them soft. My lips actually look plumper now all thanks to this lip balm but there's a con for me, after an hour or so of the application the skin on my lower lip gets flaky and I have to scrub it gently using a soft damp cloth and it's happening only after using this lip balm which is kinda strange. I must also confess that I love it's fragrance!

    1. Thanks for sharing this Deepika. I apply Mango Pie on my son when he goes to school every morning, so I didn't get a chance to notice how it feels after an hour. I have never tried his balm for hygiene reasons. May be I will brush off a little amount from the tip and try on my lips. Will let you know if I notice same results as you.

      I used to face this flakiness issue with other lip balms (mainly the ones with natural ingredients) I had tried before landing up on Baby Lips. I never faced this with Antioxidant Berry or the Tangerine Pop and Pink Peony I am currently using.

  8. Yes its true that baby lips are the best I hv tried pink lolita and antioxident berry they are very nice but I think the one in the electro collection are also very nice. MUST GIVE IT A TRY!!!!!

  9. I have used Pink Lolita and Cherry Kiss...both are good for dusky complexion tone...
    Very hydrated..


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