Friday, June 21, 2013 Another Great Online Chinese Store that Ships Worldwide

Today I am going to introduce you to another Chinese Online store that I discovered recently: review is a Chinese Online Shopping site that sells Men's and Women's Fashion Clothing, Shoes, Apparel, Makeup, Electronics, Gadgets, Watches, Fashion Jewelry, Car Accessories, Home and Kitchen stuff, Health care and beauty items, Security gadgets, Kids stuff and what not! They ship worldwide and there are various shipping options available from free to paid. review Men's Apparel Women's Apparel
The variety of items offered at is so vast it took me a few days to go through the various sections thoroughly. Though some of the items are available on other online stores too, I found many new products I had never seen before.

You can view the site in many languages like English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French etc, and can shop only in US$ currency. You can add as many items as you like to your shopping cart and your cart remains saved till you don't clear cache and cookies. That gives you the freedom to browse and shop stuff at your leisure and convenience.

WHY BUY FROM CHINABUYE.COM? International Online Shopping Free Shipping from China
People are mostly wary to buy from international sites. has the relevant links for FAQ's and policies clearly listed on the home page itself.  In fact, I found this website much more professional and organized than many other online stores. There is also a proper customer forum link on the home page, where customers can directly interact with team and other buyers.

The unique thing about is that they offer 1 year warranty on all products (read more HERE), which I have not seen on other such online stores. They offer a 30 days money back guarantee They also offer you 'Gold Points', which you can use as discount towards future shopping or use towards their VIP Customer Membership Program.

Another reason I prefer buying directly from such sites is because they are much cheaper than eBay and Amazon etc. Most sellers on eBay and other gadget websites (, and many international sites) buy directly from such Chinese sites mostly on wholesale rates and sell the items further at ridiculously high rates. review
Left Right Compare the prices!

I found that some items on are costlier as compared to other chinese sites while some items are cheaper. But with rewards and more variety, it gains an upper hand over other sites. This site is really great for businessmen.


There are various ways you can earn Gold Points. Once you have shopped with them, you can earn
  1. 100 Gold points for writing a Product review on their site for an item you purchased
  2. 5 Gold points for uploading an image of the product you bought
  3. 100 Gold points for uploading a video review of your purchase on that product's page on
  4. points for reporting a product error. Points for this are not mentioned but I guess it is based on testing your reported error to be correct.
100 gold points = US$1. Now you can accumulate these points and redeem them as discount on your purchase. Or keep on acquiring more points to become a VIP member and get special prices for all products in the future.

At 1000 Gold points you get Silver VIP membership
At 5000, Gold VIP and
At 10000 Gold Points, you become a Diamond VIP member.
For more details, read HERE.

So if you bought 10 products and write a review for them/ post video review for all 10, you earn 1000 gold points. Then just write to their customer care and get upgraded to Silver VIP membership! Isn't that cool?


Shipping is free through Airmail for every order worldwide, but for free shipping you don't get a tracking code. In many countries, the parcels reach safely even without a tracking code and claims that most of their parcels are rarely opened by customs according to their data. For shipping with a tracking code, these paid options are available:

1. Register Airmail
2. EMS Express
3. DHL/ TNT/ UPS/ Others

Your shipping options and estimated shipping costs (if you choose paid shipping) are displayed to you at the time of checkout. You can choose 'Airmail' for free shipping (no tracking code), OR enter your destination country to get an estimate on paid shipping to your address. You can read the Shipping Policy HERE. review supports many payment methods including Paypal, the payment system commonly used in most international transactions. Paypal transactions are very easy. You just need to link your credit/debit card or bank account to your Paypal account.


If you are a businessman and want to purchase items on wholesale rates, there is a '-20% Wholesale' link on each item page which directs to you to their wholesale website They also provide dropshipping. Dropshipping means you take order from the customer, tell to fulfill that order and send it directly to your customers in your name. You act only as a mediator and still you can charge your customer whatever you want. will not interfere with your client relationship. Read more HERE.

I look forward to purchasing from this site some time in the future. Do check it out. You can find them on Facebook HERE (beware, there are many duplicate pages, I have linked to the correct one). I also found a 5% discount coupon facebook page for You can check HERE.

Have you ever shopped internationally? Share your experience if you have.


  1. i browsed through it... the navigation is pretty easy and the dresses are pretty na?

    1. Hi Supriya, yes I actually liked the fact that everything is pretty organized. For shopping, I would like to check put a discount coupon :) The variety is def more than the other sites I have browsed. I liked a pack of 50 seeds for a rose that has a different color in each petal.

  2. Thank you Gagan for sharing this. Will check this out.:)
    They are really great for those who buy in bulk!

    1. Thanks for reading Niesha. Even I felt it is a great website for ebay resellers and other people who may want to buy at wholesale. But they do have some interesting products to offer for normal buyers too.

  3. I am crazy about watches and this site has some cool vintage watches. Thanks a lot gagan for sharing this link :)

    1. Thanks for reading Neelima. I have bought stuff from another chinese site many times and Chinabuye offers the same product plus a variety of more products. So you can trust the quality. But I always prefer to read customer reviews first before purchasing. Some products have really amazed me with their high quality while some others were just okay. But these are trusted sites.

  4. I quite liked the jewellery there and the the site is pretty organized..
    seems very much like buyincoins site

    1. Hi Heena, you are absolutely right. Chinabuye sells the same stuff as but hosts a much wider variety. Jewelry and all are costlier on this site but some products in the home section were much cheaper than buyincoins. So all in all, it averages out whichever you would buy from. BIC is quite professional and seeing their organized and customer friendly approach, I feel Chinabuye is equally good.

  5. I have tried to purchase a dress from the site somewhere in 2011,it never reached...luckily for me,I had made my payment through Paypal and reported it,so got a refund.
    Do update once you make a purchase,because their variety is huge...I wouldn't wanna give up yet:)

    1. Hi, please use the second last option name/URL while commenting and refrain from commenting anonymously. I have bought from Buyincoins in the past and only one order did not reach me because it was split and the 2nd packet did not have a tracking code. So I am guessing you opted for free shipping, which is not trackable and mainly in India, such packets are stolen on the way after/ during customs check. A registered order always reaches and yes Paypal does secure your transactions, you can dispute up to the 45th day from the payment date. I will surely update whenever I make a purchase :)

  6. Ok,using the second last option as suggested :)
    yeah...I never did have problems with Buyincoins(of more than 30+ purchases made over the last 3 years,prolly 3-4 would have gone missing...I did always get the feeling that the Post offcice ppl ate it up).
    I discovered Chinabuye a lil after that,and made the purchase,and yes I did choose free shipping and also the dress I ordered was pretty much on the cheaper side,It was a test run,so long story short...never received it,disputed it at Paypal,got the refund:)

    1. Hi Nandi, all Chinese stores sell the products from same manufacturers, So for me price and reliability matters. BIC is quite reliable. I have had problem with every order so far except 1. The problem is they split the order and only the first packet has tracking number no matter how many or how few products they send in the 1st. The ones without tracking never reach me so I had to dispute every single time for the refund of the remaining items and this happens despite requesting them not to split. But I agree this problem is mainly in India because these packets actually get stolen on the way because people know we can't track them. And Chinabuye has also mentioned in the policies that they do split shipping depending on which warehouse a product is available at. So the same risk applies here too. As long as they refund for the products not received I am fine :)

  7. Do not ever buy from this company. I bought a phone for $150 from them and it lasted exactly 1 week. It arrived after 60 days which doesn't give me time to raise with Paypal. They have not answered any of my emails and have now banned me from their forums on their website. Please go to and read the posts under bazza522000.

    1. Awww I am so sorry to hear about your experience and thanks for sharing it. Actually I never trust online stores for such costly items as cellphones and even clothing due to size issues. But I do love to buy home and garden stuff or artificial jewelry which is amazing. $150 is a really big amount and with Chinese phones it is infamous that if they last, they may lat up to years and if not then they may not even last a day. My brother once bought a Chinese phone locally and spent a good amount on it but that too didn't last a week or so. But was there any warranty mentioned on the item page when you purchased it? I agree if not full, there should have been some compensation for it.

  8. Do not buy from Chinabuye. I bought a phone from them for $150. It took 60 days to arrive thus negating the option of getting your money back through Paypal. It lasted a week and then kept stalling, then turning itself off and even turning itself on. I would have to take out the battery to make it boot every time. It was doing this up to 20 times a day.

    Chinabuye completely ignored me. This has happened to thousands of buyers from reading various forums. I cannot afford to lose that much money because I am a pensioner. Last week the phone went in the rubbish,

    To all all the forums.


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