Monday, April 22, 2013

Deborah Milano Kajal Pencil 120 Review

This is a review of Deborah Milano Kajal Pencil in shade 120. It comes in many shades, but shades are mentioned as numbers and not names.

Price: INR 250 (Increased from INR 160 to INR 200 to INR 250 now)
Quantity: Not mentioned anywhere
Shelf Life: 36 Months from mfg date. To be used within 36 months from first use or expiry date, whichever earlier.
Made in Italy

It is a bluish black Kajal that looks very close to black and the blue shows up only in bright light. It contains some micro glitters, which give this kajal a metallic finish. I did not know about the glitters until I clicked the pictures.

This Kajal pencil is very soft and creamy and glides easily. The micro shimmer particles cannot be felt on the skin. But is it worth buying? Read on.

This is how this shade looks in different lighting

A soft pencil that leaves ultra-deep colour.
Easy to blend in. Safe for use also inside the lashline.


I like lining my waterline but I am neither a fan of Kajals, nor of sharpenable eye pencils. I still use my retractable Chambor Waterproof eyeliner pencil on my waterline. This is first time I have tried a non-black Kajal.

The soft tip keeps breaking while sharpening, which is total product wastage and no value for money. Also, there is no way to get a  pointed tip.

Can you see wood particles on the pencil tip?
This is why I don't like sharpenable eye pencils
Or may be I need a better sharpener
The first time I applied Deborah Milano Kajal on my waterline, it stung my waterline really bad. There were some strong fumes that made my eyes water instantly and vision was blurred. It reminded me of Amway Artistry Black Eye Pencil, which behaved the same way and I had ultimately trashed that.

After first few tries, I disliked it and it kept lying for a few months until I retried it recently for this review. Here's my experience:
  1. After all these months in storage, the stinging has reduced considerably, but it still makes my eyes water and forces me to blink more frequently.
  2. After applying on waterline, it instantly blurs vision to some extent.
  3. I felt some dryness in my eyes and when I wiped a finger on the surface of my eyes, a layer came off on my fingertips.
  4. From waterline, it gets transferred to the entire surface of the eye and forms a layer there, which affects vision. Definitely a NO NO for contact lens wearers and company's claim of 'safe for using inside waterline' goes completely wrong here.
  5. Smudges within 10 minutes of application, without even touching and the weather is not even very hot yet.
  6. In 2 hours, it smudges down further towards the cheeks and settles into fine lines, giving you panda eyes like you get with traditional home made Kajal.
  7. Tried as an eyeliner, but it is not very pigmented and smudges there also while applying. You need several swipes for the color to show up nice.
Can you see the water in my eye?
The only way it worked for me is when I tightlined my lower lash line with it and wore it with a nude lipstick. It looked very pretty that way, even with the smudge.

I personally do not trust Italian cosmetic brands as I have a poor experience with them, including the Lord and Berry Mascara and the Radico Italiano Hair Color, besides this Kajal Pencil.

The shade is pretty though and I would like to try this color in some other good brand with better color stay.


Complete ingredient list is given.

I studied the ingredients. Most of them are safe and do not get deeply absorbed into the skin except BHT (Butylated Hydroxytoluene), which is a known skin irritant and gets absorbed up to 13% into the skin. This could be the one causing the irritation. You can read more about BHT health impacts HERE. Then there is Ethylparaben too, but I am sure almost all cosmetics would have one or the other paraben as preservative.

I personally think this is not an impressive product unless you like really messy smudgy Kajal, besides the sting.


  1. i would have bought this next week gagan if not for ur review... the SA had really pushed me into buying this... even me wanted to own atleast one DM product bt now no more lured.. thank u so much gagan.. :)

    1. Thank you Supriya. I am glad this review helped. You are right, the SAs do brainwash you to a certain extent. That is why I prefer researching and reading reviews first and then purchasing.

  2. Nice review Gagan, :)
    I have their white kajal pencil that was a bit above average. This doesn't seem to be pigmented enough too!!

    1. Yes dear, I had read your review on that and you anyways don't use anything on your waterline I remember. You are right Niesha, the color pay off is poor.

    2. :) No they don't suit me. Even that white kajal is only for eye looks.:)

  3. Ohhh such a bad product! Thanx for the review. Will stay away from it.

    1. Thanks for reading Megha. I am very selective about my makeup and eyes are just so previous to be subjected to such sting.

  4. Some time we didn't know brand properly and we buy...... thanks for the review. This time i buy lakme absolute forever silk eyeliner but it suit me..............

    1. It's great to find something that suits us :) I haven't tried anything from the Lakme Absolute range yet. Thanks for letting me know dear. I will check it out. Which color did you buy?

  5. nice review gagan..I only use Revlon one stroke eye pencils..I have two colours (green n blue)... used them on my waterline too..Thanks for the review will stay away from it..but loved ur EOTD..:):)

    1. Thanks Tej. I still remember your review of them and they are on my wishlist. Whenever I finish my Chambor eye pencil, I am definitely gonna buy the Revlon ones :)

  6. Wow lovely review Gagan...I use Colorbar and Lakme eye pencils:)

    1. Thank you Radha :) I am not able to try a lot of pencils just because I am afraid of sharpenable ones. But now am thinking of trying some vibrant colors.

  7. Nic review. .i useing maybeline lakme and chambor .

    1. Thanks for sharing about your favorite eye makeup brands. I have tried only the waterproof pencil from Chambor and liked it and now using Lakme eyekonic :)


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