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Pepsodent Expert Protection Toothpaste Review : Toothpaste Mouthwash and Floss in One

This is a review of Pepsodent Germi Check Expert Protection Toothpaste for all round oral health. It is an oral care system in a tube, inspired by the regime of Toothpaste, Mouthwash and Floss. This is the latest innovation from Pepsodent.

Quantity: 150 gms
Price: INR 90
Easily available at online stores and chemist shops.

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I had to brush and floss my teeth after almost anything I ate, because the food particles used to get stuck in my teeth and gums, and it has been quite a pain. Brushing alone did not help. A dentist had introduced me to flossing some 8-9 years ago and I have been flossing since then.

Also, despite not eating much starchy food, I have at times noticed some plaque too. Plaque is that yellow film/coating that forms on the teeth and needs to be scraped away and everyone of us gets that. It is our body's natural defense wall against bacteria trying to get to the enamel. So when I saw the ad for this 3-in-1 toothpaste (Toothpaste+Mouthwash+Floss), I was tempted to try it.


Pepsodent Expert Protection Complete Toothpaste with the action of toothpaste, mouthwash and floss is a power pack of freshness that keeps your teeth clean the whole day.

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FIRST IMPRESSION: On first use, I happened to apply the toothpaste to the entire length of the bristles and it felt very strong in the mouth. My mouth and teeth felt dry for a very long time and my teeth were squeaky clean for the entire day. They felt so clean I couldn't stop feeling them with my tongue again and again. There was a slight salty taste in my mouth the whole day.

From then on, I have been using a little more than a pea sized amount and with that amount, it feels gentle enough for everyday use.

I can feel the microparticles in my mouth but they are not very gritty. I think they dissolve in the mouth after some time, though I am not sure where do they go. The microparticles do clean the spaces in between the teeth, like floss. The toothpaste feels very cool like a mouthwash and when you gargle, the cooling sensation extends to the throat. So the product completely lives up to its claims.

What I like best about this toothpaste is the total oral care it provides me. It seems it has tightened my gums. As if by complete magic, the food NO LONGER GETS STUCK in my mouth. I rarely see any plaque now. I had bought a flossing thread along with this toothpaste, and that is still lying packed because this toothpaste has eliminated the need of a separate floss.


The pack says "For children under the age of six, use a pea sized amount under adult supervision." But personally I think this toothpaste is too strong to be used by kids, unless your dentist tells you to use it. Moreover, I have heard from more than one dentists that regular use of mouth wash causes tooth discoloration and if it contains the same ingredients as mouthwash, it may be harmful for kid's teeth.

Even I use it only in the morning and use regular pepsodent germi check at night. I rarely use this toothpaste twice a day. But it is up to you how you want to use it or what your dentist recommends.


Pepsodent Expert Protection Toothpaste comes in 4 variations:

Two Variations for All-round oral health:

1. Pepsodent Expert Protection Complete (the one I am reviewing)

2. Pepsodent Expert Protection Whitening
And Two variations for Sensitive Teeth:

3. Pepsodent Expert Protection Pro-Sensitive Relief & Repair

4. Pepsodent Expert Protection Sensitive

It is a great product that does make oral care very easy and less time consuming by combining the action of a toothpaste, floss and mouthwash in one. Do try it, you will love it!


  1. very nicely reviewed :) though i dont use pepsodent but after reading your review i want to give it a try :)

    1. Thanks Jasmine. Actually it is not the regular Pepsodent, it is the latest and the most advance toothpaste in oral care.

  2. hey gagan very nice review..
    I was using pepsodent(no 4) long ago but nw using colgate.
    ur review tempting me to start again...

    1. THanks Tej :)I had been using Pepsodent G and Sensodyne. But this one is the best so far as I don't need separate mouthwash or flossing.

  3. I want to use it too Gagan as I only brush twice a day and nothing else.
    Nice and detailed review.:)

    1. Thanks Niesha :) When flossing, I was surprised to see very small food particles still coming out from inner areas of teeth, despite brushing. Thankfully I now don't need to floss separately. I think you will like this toothpaste.

  4. I'm gonna buy it after reading ur review....I had been using Closeup the red one. It makes my teeth white but at the end of the i could see the yellowness.
    Very nice review Gaganpreet!

    1. Thank you Megha :) The red ones are fluride based and I have used flouride toothpaste for quite long. The dentists kept telling me I didn't need them but nobody bothered to tell that long time use cause teeth staining. So while they gave protection from cavities, I ended up with yellower teeth. I am quite liking this one.

  5. i have sensitivity and germs in my teeth,that's why they always get blocked.can u plz help me to know among the four which one is better!!

    1. I think you should try out Number 3: Pepsodent Expert Protection Pro-Sensitive Relief & Repair. There is a similar relief and repair toothpaste from Sensodyne also, which I have used and it works. No. 4 mentioned above will just provide relief, but No. 3 above will also form a repair-like coating.

      Besides toothpaste, I would advise to also start flossing your teeth. It will really help keep the germs away and give you a heathier mouth. Buy any floss. I use this one:

    2. thnx a lot 4 ur rply,can u do me one more favr?is there any toothpaste dat works as both for sensitivity and floss.i think the expert protection works as floss and Pro-Sensitive Relief & Repair would give me relief from sensitivity,but is there any that contains both?

    3. No dear, these are two opposite actions. This expert protection toothpaste is meant for rigid cleaning and the one for sensitivity is supposed to be mild in order to not further corrode the tooth enamel.

      So your solution is sensitive pro relief + floss. Trust me flossing is so good you will get addicted to it. Even my little one tries to floss after seeing me and it hardly takes any time once you know how to floss.


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