Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Shopping Attempt with

I am going to share my recent shopping experience with It is a new online business that propped up in 2012 and is based out of Chandigarh, India.  It was more of an 'attempt' to shop with them, which never materialized into an order for reasons explained in this post. 

By now somehow I have developed an aversion with any online business which   has some 'cart' in its name. After my terrible experience with another 'kart' named company ( : Sister of Lenskart, Watchkart and, my experience with is going to be in the same category.

I recently exhausted my Organic Surge Color Protect Shampoo, which I earlier used to get from at 50% off. Medplus has increased the price a lot, for this brand (though medplus is still a great business to deal with). With a 15% + additional 10% off (on Organic Surge Products) Coupon at, along with another additional 2% off on prepaid orders and assured gift on purchase of INR 1000 and above, I was lured to try out this new online business.

I first called them up to check delivery in my area and the girl at the other end simply greeted me with a "Hello?" No business greeting and I was left to ask if I had actually called the correct number. Moreover there is no customer care email displayed anywhere on their website.

Anyways, she confirmed the courier service in my area and also confirmed the discount was still on and gave me their email ID. I added a few Organic Surge products into my cart and tried to apply the 10% coupon and got an error despite a few tries. I wrote to them and even called them. 

Received a call back from a heavy voiced man, who seemed to be their business owner. Despite sending them a screenshot, I had to explain the entire thing again. By now, my imagination was picturing a physical cosmetics shop owned by him in some market in Chandigarh, where his Sales Assistant(s) was attending customer calls and as if he got a website made to get more bucks in the recent times of online shopping.

He promised to send me another coupon shortly. I waited from 10 AM to 3:30 PM but no call! Finally I called back, spoke with the same girl, and was again assured I will get a call back in half an hour. Nobody called. Around 6PM, the same man called and told me that the offer had actually ended and that it was showing on the site for some technical issues. He said they have extended the offer for a day just for me :) After an hour or so, when I got free, I again went online and tried to checkout and guess what?

The Organic Surge Color Protect Shampoo and Conditioner I wanted to buy urgently were no longer on their site! Out of stock. All extra items were still showing in the cart. I was too tired by now and emailed them a stinker. They apologized profusely just like they had done on the phone and I was assured the items will be restocked positively the next morning and that I will be sent a fresh coupon, which never happened!

A complete bhaiyaji (roadside vendor) gone online kind of experience. Chandigarh is full of software developers and I am positive they do not have any regular admin for their website, which is why they fail to deal with their technical issues. Their newsletters do not even open in my email. I am glad I could not place my order with them. Time to bid them tada and to trash them to the same list where bagskart and its other sister sites are lying.


  1. That was bad.. I shopped once with them and its was good. but regarding the coupons and out of stock things this was, simply annoying.
    Hope they do something to improvise.
    its good that you shared this Gagan.

    1. I knew u had a good experience with them and so I trusted it would be easy to shop, but they kept making false promises. I called so many times and nothing except sweet apologies. When I agreed to the last email about a fresh coupon, there was no response :)They literally tested my patience.

  2. ur experience with them was very bad... i can totally relate if one has to follow up so many times to complete the order, its become frustrating...

    1. You are right dear. I have very high expectations from any business's customer service and I hate lies.

  3. very bad experience...hope they don't repeat

    1. Can't repeat at least in my case, for m not going back :)

  4. My order no. mentioned below: Order No : BCORD12134792 Date : 10/31/2013 3:26:32 Order Amount : 185.00 Order not shipped and not giving refund..... been after them since more than 15 days. Worst customer care. Mobile number is switched off. Dont answer callls. Worst is that they cut my number because they dont want to refund my money!!!! Worst website!!!! Please dont buy anything from them...... I played it safe with only minimal shopping..........


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