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Friday, March 29, 2013

DIY Natural Skin Serum for Oily Combination Skin

Today I am going to share with you a 100% natural DIY Skin Serum for Oily or Combination skin, also helpful for people with an Oily T-Zone. It acts as a skin lightening, brightening and pore tightening serum. I am sure most of us know about it but we haven't recognized its true worth.

I am taking about the natural serum extracted from Orange Peel. When you peel an orange, you must have noticed small droplets of liquid suddenly squirting out into the air, and the heavenly smell of orange spreads around. Some of this liquid also settles on your hands most times.

DIY Natural Skin Serum for Oily Combination Skin

This serum is a nectar gifted to us by Mother Nature. As a kid, whenever we used to eat oranges, we used to spritz this serum into each others' eyes for fun.

100% Natural Skin Serum for Oily Combination Skin
Can you see the droplets I squeezed out?

I am sure we all already know how to do this :) Still explaining with tips.

Take a clean deep bowl or a big plate. Peel an orange. Fold and bend a small piece of the Orange peel near the surface of the utensil. Small droplets of orange serum will squirt out and settle on the plate/bowl.

How to extract natural skin serum from orange peel

Similarly spray out the drops from all the bits of the peel. Also collect any  remaining liquid on the peel and fingers by scraping against the edge of the bowl. Tilt the utensil so all drops flow down to one place.

Orange peel skin serum for skin lightening, brightening and pore tightening

This is the serum extracted from the peel of one medium sized orange. Don't laugh at the amount. This much is enough to lavishly cover your face and even part of your neck. It spreads really well and is quite strong. So even a few drops are very precious and useful.


Apply immediately to face and neck, just like you spread water on face. Leave for 3-5 minutes and enjoy the heavenly scent, while you relax or do your work. Wash with plain water and preferably let the skin air dry.

People with an Oily T-zone: If it dries out the skin on your remaining face, use only on the T-Zone.

This skin serum may feel a little oily while washing off, but it will actually cleanse the extra oil from your skin. Skin will feel dry for some time after washing. It will start glowing within half an hour or so. People with very dry skin can give it a try too and see if it does not dry them out too much.

  • 100% Natural and Easily available
  • Free of Cost
  • Contains Orange essential Oil (pure Vitamin C)
  • You will notice glow on your face within one use
  • I noticed tightened skin pores from 1st time itself
  • It starts lightening dark spots/scars from wounds/pimples within 2 uses onwards.
  • Naturally exfoliates skin to reveal beautiful skin the next day
  • It is not at all messy.
  • Leaves a cooling sensation on the skin.
  • The natural aroma of orange lingers on your skin for quite long.
So next time you eat an orange, you now know what to do with the peels.

Did you know dried and powdered orange peel is also used in face packs and fresh orange peel is used in cakes and other dishes? But please make sure to wash any dust before using.

Oranges are in abundance at present (at least in North India). If you have oranges easily available, do try this skin serum and let me know if this benefits you too. I will be happy to know.


  1. Such Nice DIY post..Thanks for sharing Gagan :)

  2. Thank you for sharing this Gagan. IT will be helpful for people like me with an oily T zone.
    Even we use to play with the peels by squirting the juice into each others eyes. :)

    I recently bought Avon senses deo spray and it always reminds me of that scent that comes from the orange peel.

    1. Wow, me too love the scent of oranges. I don't use deos but now I am tempted to go check this one with my neighbor, who is an Avon reseller. Thanks for telling me about it :)

  3. Loved ur post...I used to do a lot when I was unmarried really it workd on my skin.....even with potatoes as welll...well explained...thanks for sharing gagan n reminds me my childhood days ...

    1. That's great Tej. I have tried potatoes only for hair lightening. Would like to know if they lighten skin too. Now my son has also discovered the fun and loves to spritz into my eyes :)

  4. thats an amazing post gagan..will definitely try mom often asks me to dry out the orange peels in the sun and she uses the peels in body scrubs..but this use of peels is awesome :)

    1. That's so good to know your mom is also into natural skin care. This one I find quite easy so I shared :)

  5. I've jst come across your blog and I love it!

    This DIY serum looks gorgeous! I used to rub orange peel onto my skin when I had acne and it worked a treat for my skin. Potatoes are great for the undereyes too.

    Great post.


    1. Wow, great to have to have your testimonial on this Halima, and thanks for sharing the tip about potatoes. Thanks for the compliment!

  6. i always make it a point to rub orange peels on my face.. infact i do the same with orange, tomato and papaya peels... just a bit of quick facial while in the kitchen.. :P
    nice post gagan.. :)

    1. That's great Supriya. Had heard of papaya facial but not about rubbing papaya peels. And I knew about using tomatoes for dark elbows. Thanks for sharing these tips. Will try then soon :)

  7. Awesome post! I will surely try this..

  8. Wonderful post....feel like tryin right now...

    1. Thanks Nity :) Winters are close by so you can try it this year. If you have oily skin, it will work great.

  9. See how u make us realize little things that we miss out?:) I throw away the peels without any thought! But during the next winters I'm doing this remedy for sure:)) And the squirting out orange peels into each others' eyes is something that me and my bro still do!!Hehe:)) But I'm not going to waste it anymore:D:D

    1. Aww thank you dear. Since you have oily skin, it might help you and brighten up your face. I will be re-sharing this post on the Facebook page once I start seeing oranges in the market :) We use to play around with it in school days and I had forgotten until one day my little one came and squirted it into my eyes and I was amazed that he discovered it on his own :D

    2. Awww that's just so sweet.. He is a bright boy indeed:)))


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