Monday, February 4, 2013

Gift Ideas for Music Lovers

If you are searching for Valentine's day gift ideas for your Music Lover guy, you are at the right place.

I promise you
From the bottom of my heart.
I will love you
Til' death do us part.
As a lover and a friend
I will love you like I never love again.
With everything I am.
-- Backstreet Boys, "I Promise You"

If your valentine loves music, here are some gifts you can give them this Valentine's day to appreciate their love for music and make them feel special.

Music related Sound Sensitive LED T-shirt

These are sound activated electronic T-Shirts. So whenever there is noise or music around, it starts flashing. Perfect for night parties. Washable and works on AAA size batteries. Care instructions mentioned on sites.

Availability: INR 899 INR 749 and above INR 899
Check out ebay and Google Search for any other good deals and availability in your country.

Music Related USB Drive:
This one is available at Search for more variations online.

Elvis Presley Dashboard Hanging Wackel:

This can be fixed on the dashboard or hung from the windshield with its vacuum cup. It sings and its left arm and hips move when your car goes through curves and bumps. I found this one on You can Google Search for 'Elvis Presley Wackel' to find more sellers.

Satzuma Diamante Headphones:

Though a little costly, these stone-studded bejeweled headsets make for a precious valentine gift for your precious one. Available online in India for around INR 1800. Easily available online internationally.

Satzuma DJ Teddy:

Another super cute and awesome gadget from the brand Satzuma and makes for a beautiful Valentine's day gift. This can be connected to the phone, ipad, iphone, MP3 player etc. The cute Teddy cuddles your music player while the amplifying speakers in its feet play back your loved one's favorite music.
Price: Around INR 1800
Available online on many stores.

Music Toilet Roles/ Toilet Paper:

If your guy is quite deep into music and you two are like best pals, make him laugh and smile with this funny gift and share some laughs this Valentine's day.

Guitar Ice Maker Tray:

Help your guy chill out by chilling his favorite drink with this musical ice cube. Available at for INR 299. They ship through 1-day express courier delivery. Check online for similar gifts.

Shower Radio:
Valentine Gifts for music lovers

If your guy / husband/ boyfriend is a bathroom singer, he would love this gift and it will remind him of you every time he plays it in the shower and relaxes to some good music. 
Music sounds a lot better when it makes me think of you 

Shower radios are available in different interesting shapes. The above microphone shower radio is available at for around INR 850 + shipping INR 55. There are also other variations available at, etc. For other countries, simply search online for 'shower radios' as it is an easily available product.

Satzuma Speaker Bomb:

Yet another booming music lovers gadget from Satzuma. This bomb shape mini pocket speaker is powerful enough to spread music in a small room. Needs to be charged via USB and then gives a play time of up to 4 hrs when connected to any 3.5 audio jack device. Available at for discounted price of INR 849. Check online for other sites.

Music CD of your Favorite Love Songs with Custom Cover:

Gift him a customized CD with your favorite love songs or music that you both can relate to some nice incidents in your love life. Get your favorite picture printed as a cover for the CD to make it more special.

These are some interesting Valentine's day gift ideas for music lovers besides conventional gifts. These are just to spark an idea in your mind as to what you can gift thought the possibilities are immense. You just need to be creative and thoughtful. Stay Loved Stay Blessed! 

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  1. Wow. stone studded headsets looks nice. :)
    Ice tray is quite interesting.

    1. Stone studded headsets can even make a nice gift from a guy to his girl. For ice tray, they even have one with different sizes of a diamond ring so the guy can make his own diamond ice ring for her :)


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