Monday, February 4, 2013

Gift Ideas for Geeky Guys

With Valentine's day approaching, most of you would be searching for gifts for your loved one. The days of gifting chocolates and a teddy are far gone by and  it's time to get your loved one some REAL gifts, which add value to their life. This post is to give you valentine gift ideas for your boyfriend, husband or any loving male figure in your life who not only has a heart full of love for you, but also a brain full of ideas to make your life wonderful. 

Here are some Valentine's Day gift ideas for your geeky guy. I will also do a post on 'Gift Ideas for her' soon.

LED T-Shirt:
Valetine gifts for geeks
Valentine gifts for Geeks

These are sound activated. So whenever there is noise or music around, it starts flashing. Perfect for night parties. Washable and works on AAA size batteries. Care instructions mentioned on sites.
Availability: INR 899 INR 749 and above INR 899
Check out ebay and Google Search for any other good deals.

WiFi T-Shirt:

I also found this WiFi t-shirt on sale at for INR 899. Checked a few other Indian online shopping sites but all have ONLY XL size available. Internationally available online in other sizes.

Valentine gifts for husband him boyfriend
This T-Shirt automatically lights up whenever there is a WiFi hotspot around you. So this can also be used as a tool to find the WIFI signal strength in the places like your office, home, airports, malls and public access places. It works on 3 AAA size batteries and is washable. A superb gift if your guy is a geek.

Smart Phone Cover and Screen Guard:
If your guy is too possessive towards his Cell Phone or Smart Phone, gift him a few lovely colorful covers to protect his phone. Check out (Indian customers) or Currently you can get 35% on Amzer Silicon Cell Phone cases by using code 'VALENTINE' at Checkout. Click HERE to see items covered under discount.

You can find many other interesting cellphone covers online for his iPhone or Smartphone and it makes for a thoughtful and useful gift.

Disclaimer: I am not associated with FOMMY. I received this offer in email.

USB Drives:

USB drives are no longer just a utility but have quite emerged as a fashion these days. There is a HUGE variety of interesting USB drives easily available on many websites and you can find one according to your guy's interest.
Credit CardUSB Drive for your Smart Spender or Finance Guy
An Android Pen Drive to match his android phone
Check out more variations online.

Boris Phone Holder:

This is commonly known as Cell Mate Boris. It is a phone cradle/holder or rather a cell charging stand. It carries your phone or music player on its back while neatly tucking the charger wire under its base, thus giving a clean look to a desk. It's easily available online on many websites. In India, it costs around INR 499 + shipping on Rediff Shopping and around INR 650 on Available in Red, White and Black colors. This makes for an interesting mobile accessory and Valentine'sday gift for your geeky guy.

Retro Handset:

Spending too much time on the cell phone is really harmful to ears. This Retro handset will not only be a funky gift for your geeky guy, but also a thoughtful one. It reduces exposure to cellphone radiation, has noise reduction feature and also comes very handy when he wants to do a voice chat on his smart phone or multi-task on his phone while talking to someone. 
Easily available online on many sites. In India, check out, and Google Search for other sellers.

Drink Clip:

This is another thoughtful and affordable gift for a guy who spends most of his time on the computer. The clip can be latched to the edge of a table, making tea/coffee/water accessible and away from his laptop or computer and avoid spillage. Available in India for around INR 199 or you can buy cheaper from HERE. Check online for the sellers.
Gadget lovers, check out for the coolest gadgets and then if you like something, search for that product online to get the best deal.

These are some affordable Valentine's day gift ideas for the geek guy in your life. The fact is, the term 'affordable' becomes relative when it comes to gadgets. If you can afford a higher price tag, there are of course some very hi fi gadgets out there too. Decide how much you can spend, because more importantly, it is the feelings behind a gift, that should matter.
Be Loved, Be Blessed! 

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  1. Very nice post Gagan. I loved those Drink clips.
    My subscription getting in spam.:( will put other email add now.

    1. No worries dear. Subscription or no subscription, we bloggers do get updates from each others' Facebook page :) And thanks Niesha, yes those drink clips are great for guys who love eating/drinking at their desk and mostly end up spilling stuff on the keyboard.

  2. Your gift ideas are really great.But among these Credit Card USB Drive is very interesting and I need this. what is the detail procedure to buy this?
    Please inform me.


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