Monday, February 4, 2013

Gift Ideas for Car Lovers

Traditional gifts are so old fashioned. When it comes to a special occassion, be more creative and gift your guy something relevant to what he loves. Even women drive cars, so these can make for gifts for her too.

USB Car Mouse:

There are some lovely unique computer accessories made by the brand Satzuma which you may want to gift to a loved one. This Satzuma USB retro car mouse is one of them. Has illuminating blue headlights. Available on SALE at for INR 639 and at for INR 999. Google Search for other deals.

Car USB Wireless Mouse

This Sports car USB wireless mouse model is available in India at for INR 499 and above. Check out different models under wireless mouse category. for INR 1199

Google Search for sellers in your country/area and you will surely get something equally nice. This also makes a great gift if your guy loves car racing or Sports.

Car Related USB Drives:

Magic Pad:

These are anti-slip, anti-gravity sticky pads that can hold objects vertically to almost 75 degrees angle. These can simply be stuck anywhere on the car's dashboard and you guy can place their phone on it without the fear of the phone slipping and falling. They can watch a match or talk to you comfortably without having to hold the phone while driving. 

A very affordable and great gift. Easily available online, just search for 'Magic pad'. It is also available very cheap at (Read details HERE)

Credit Card Wireless Key Finder:

This credit card shaped wireless key-finder easily fits into your wallet. The keychain signal receiver will keep your keys. So whenever your guy forgets where his keys are, the card shaped detector will help him search for them through wireless signals. Works on batteries. Available internationally on amazon and other sites. Available in India at for INR 1499. Check online for other sellers and deals.

Car Cufflinks:
Make your guy feel special this with this classic gift. Car cufflinks are available in many shapes and materials. In India, the Silver brand Orosilber makes many car shaped cufflinks. Price can be from as low as INR 300+ to several thousands depending on the material and finish.

Emergency Car Tool Kit:

This makes for a very practical and thoughtful gift. God forbid your loved one ever has to use one, but these SOS emergency car tool kits just convey that you care for your loved one. There are different models available. Some are 4-in-1, some 6-in-1, some 8-in-1 etc. The basic features include a seat belt cutter, a hammer to slam and break the car window glass in case of an emergency, a flashing light to convey emergency signals to other people/vehicles around. These have a magnetic base and he can stick it to the car just in case you need light to change the tyre at night. Very affordable and easily available online.

Car Care Kits:

If your guy really really loves his car, he would want to keep it in very good condition and a DIY car care kit may make for a very practical gift for him. You can buy these from any Petrol Pump/Gas station. Else, go to a good deals website and buy him a deal on car care. He should appreciate this thoughtful gesture. This may require some pre-thinking and also knowing what time would suit your guy.

Car Perfume:

If you know your guy's choice, buy him a nice car fragrance that can lighten his mood after a tiring day and make him relax on the way to home so he reaches you fresh and happy. You can go for a simple car perfume bottle or go for something fancy like this:

You can check out more decorative air purifiers/car perfumes at and many other websites. The best part: these are oh so very affordable. But if your guy has some allergy to perfumes or respiratory track, please do NOT choose this gift.

Hope you like these ideas. If you have more ideas, do share in the comments below and spread the love. Let not the occasion limit your thoughtfulness. These can make for excellent gift ideas for him for any occasion. 
Be Loved, Be Blessed! 

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