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How to Choose an Eyewear Frame for Square and Rectangular Face Shape

Let's learn how to choose an eyewear frame that best compliments a SQUARE face. If you do not already know your face shape, click here to find first. 

  • A square face is almost equal in length and width.
  • Forehead, Cheeks and Jaw, all have the same width, so the sides of the face are like two parallel lines.
  • The jaw bones are prominently visible on each side of the face. This is called a square jaw.
  • The chin is flat.

If you have all the above features of a square face, but your face is much longer than it is wide, then you have a long square face i.e. a Rectangular face.

When choosing a frame for a square or rectangle face, keep these goals in mind: 
  • To balance your square jaw: Concentrate on frames that highlight the upper portion of your face.
  • To balance the angular face: Go for curved frames to make your appearance softer
  • Optional: You may want your square face to look longer and slimmer. OR you may want your rectangular face to look shorter.
Follow these three basic guidelines when choosing an eye frame:

1. Frame SHAPE should be in contrast to face shape (particularly spectacles).
2. Frame SIZE in proportion to face size (particularly spectacles).
3. Frame COLOR in accordance with your skin tone or eye color (both specs and sunglasses).


You can go for any of the basic shapes shown on the left side above and see which one looks best on you. There is a huge variety available in the market for each of these shapes.
  • If you want to add sweetness to your face, go for Round or Oval frames, as they soften the angles in a square face.
  • Oval Frames (for spectacles) also make your face appear longer and slimmer. They look okayish to good but not so great.
  • Butterfly and Cat eye frames draw the attention to the upper face and balance your square jaw. They make you look very stylish and enhance your personality.
  • The arms/temples of the frame should be attached at the top or middle of the frame
Kanye West in Round Butterfly Frames with temples /arms attached at the top of the frame
Paris Hilton: Square Face
Oversized sunglasses with arms/temples attached to the middle of the frame

Kourtney Kardashian in Cat eye frames
Brad Pitt in round butterfly frames
  • Rectangular, Square or geometric frames as they accentuate the angles of the face, which we don't want.
  • Avoid rimless as they keep your look neutral and don't add much to your personality.
  • Avoid frames with a linear (straight line) top bar which can make you look stern.
  • Avoid frames with arms/temples attached too low as they will emphasize your lower face.
What's wrong with David Beckham's glasses here?

David Beckham in glasses
The frame is thicker and darker at the top and if you pay attention, there are silver studs at each top corner. All these accentuate the upper face, which is good. But still his frame looks more rectangular than curved and it is making his face appear very stern. The upper rim of the frame is almost covering his eyes. Eyes should actually be in the center of the frame.

Let's take Kareena Kapoor's example and see which eye frame looks more flattering on her:

Frame 1: It's looking just fab, adding oodles to her personality. The frame is curvy, the upper frame is heavy and the prominent upper edges of frame are balancing her square jaw. Her smokey eye makeup is further grabbing the attention to the upper face. Everything is perfect!

Frame 2: She is looking sweet in an oval frame. The small height of the specs is fine for her small face. Not looking bad but not adding much to her personality either. Just okay!

Frame 3: Rimless and square shaped glasses. Keeping her look neutral but not  doing anything to enhance the face. Again, not so great!

Aviators or Pilot Frames: I personally feel that aviators don't look very good on square faces as the straight line at top of the frame adds harshness to face and the shape draws attention to your lower face, both of which you should avoid. But if you particularly like them and they look good on you, it is your choice. For example, see 


For Sunglasses, oversized frames are an exception as they look good on every face shape. So for a glamorous look, you can safely go for oversized frames.

For spectacles, choose a frame that is in proportion to your face. Small face: Small size frames (make your face look longer). Big face: bigger size frames in proportion to your face. Long square face people (also called rectangular faces) look good in longer glasses.

Demi Moore: Rectangular Face. Long round glasses
Example of big face - big spectacles

Kara Tointon in geometric butterfly frames
Example of small face - short/small spectacles
When we say long or small, we are talking about the length/height of the frame.

Widthwise, your frame should be at least as wide as (or wider than) the widest part of your face and this is for both sunglasses and eyeglasses.

What's wrong with these glasses?

In this example, John Abraham's round glasses look good on his square face. Eyes are in the center. BUT, the frame is too narrow for his face. The frame width ends exactly at the end of his eyes.

Now see how good he looks in these ones:


One very important point for square face shape people: The color emphasis for frame should be on the upper rim and for sunglasses, on the upper side of the eyewear lenses. Such eyewear with two-color toned lenses are called gradients. For frame, note Kareen Kapoor Frame 1 Example above. For lenses see these:

Paris Hilton in butterfly frame gradient sunglasses
See Paris Hilton in this PERFECT pair of Sunglasses. Oversized butterfly frames with thick upper edges, pointing upwards like a cat-eye frame. The lenses are gradient - dark brown color on top and light brown towards bottom. 

Here's another example of gradients:

Gradient Lenses: Dark at top, light at bottom. Therefore, color emphasis is on top
Avoid sunglasses with color emphasis on the lower side as that will rather enhance your lower face, which you don't want.

If you want to keep your look neutral, go with colors that match your eye and hair color. Such eyewear will just 'blend into' your appearance keeping it neutral.

If you are fashion conscious and want to look attractive, go for colors matching your skin tone, to make a statement. Such eyewear will 'enhance' your appearance.

Warm toned people can choose an eyewear frame color from Coral (warm red), Orange, Peach, Copper, Gold, Honey, Camel, Beige, Khakhi browns, blond tortoise, off-white, Aqua (warm blue) etc.

Cool toned people can choose from Black, Charcoal, Gray, bluish gray/blue-gray, Blue, Silver, White, Purple, Red (cool toned), Maroon, Plum, Magenta, Pink, Rose, Rose Brown, Amber brown, demi-amber tortoise (darker), Jade, Turquoise, Purple etc.

If you cannot figure out your skin tone and want to make a safe choice, go for rimless eye wear, where the color is visible only on the nose bridge and earpieces. Choose the color for that small visible area based on what looks good on you and try many different options before deciding. Women can decide easily based on what color lipsticks look good on them :) and choosing a color from the same 'warm' or 'cool' color family.

For kids, avoid dark colored frames as they can make a kid look mature.

Some square and rectangular face celebrities are:

(W) Kareena Kapoor, Sandra Bullock, Sushmita Sen, Kristin Scott, Shannyn Sossam, Brooke Shields, Angelina Jolie, Paris Hilton, Kara Tointon, Jacqueline Fernandez etc. 

Demi Moore and Kourtney Kardashian (Rectangular Face)

(M) David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Nick Lachey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Matt Damon, John Abraham, Sanjay Dutt etc. 
Kanye West, Keifer Sutherland, Ben Affleck, Tom ford, Adrian Brody (Rectangular Face)

Just do a Google Image Search for these celebrities. Check their pictures to study which sunglasses and eyeglasses look good on them. It will help you a lot when choosing one for yourself. If you are a square face-shaped female, just search on 'Paris Hilton Sunglasses' and you will find numerous perfect examples of what frames to go for.

I have provided the names of different frame shapes and the names of colors.  If you are not clear about any frame shape or color, Google Image Search on these will open your eyes to a wide variety of frames available for each type of frame shape. A little research will pay a lot, as in the future, you will always know what suits you and what to go for!

Ben Affleck has a rectangular face and still the shape of his eyewear is not in contrast with his face shape. The frame is rectangular and also small in height. This is accentuating the angles and the length of his face but still he is not looking bad in these. The lighter colored frame-arms/ temples are making his side profile look good but his face may actually be looking too long  from the front view.

So these guidelines are just to help you choose what may look better or best on you and what to avoid. Still it is all about your personal choice. You need to feel happy and confident in whatever you choose, whether you follow these guidelines or not.


  1. Nice post Gagan.:)
    Kareena has a prominent square face and aviators look perfect on her.

    1. Thanks Niesha and Lovely blogger pic :) You really liked Kareena in aviators! I somehow didn't like her taste. Particularly in the above pic her aviators look really odd. I am impressed with Paris Hilton's overall choice of sunglasses though her aviators aren't looking that great to me again. But it's personal choice :)

    2. Thank You Gagan .:)
      I like her in aviators..But in my mind i had like pictures of her in black aviators Don't remember the movie. she looked fab in those.:)
      These are okay types.
      Paris is a style icon.:)

  2. Superb post.
    I still wonder how u can manage to write so good articles in detail :)
    They always inspire lazy people like me :)

    1. Thanks for the compliment Appu and I don't think you are lazy at all :) as you post much more frequently. I add a lot of detail since these are lifestyle articles and may actually help someone enhance their personality. Glad you like them :)


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