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How to choose an Eyewear Frame for Oval Face Shape?

Let's learn how to choose an eye frame that best compliments an oval face. If you do not already know your face shape, click here to find first.


This is the most ideal face shape to have. Oval face shaped people will look good in any eyebrow shape, any shape of spectacles or sunglasses frame, any shape of jewelry or any hair cut.

Follow these three basic guidelines when choosing an eye frame:

1. Frame SHAPE should be in contrast to face shape (particularly spectacles).
2. Frame SIZE in proportion to face size (particularly spectacles).
3. Frame COLOR in accordance with your skin tone or eye color (both specs and sunglasses).


Angular shape frames look the BEST on an oval face. Angular frames will add the missing angles and will balance the curves in your face.

Eyewear frames Oval Face Shape Men Women

You can try any of the basic shapes shown on the left side above and see which one looks best on you. There is further a huge variety available in each shape.

GO FOR ANY SHAPE: Square, Rectangular (sharp or curved edges), Butterfly, Cat eye and geometric shape eye frames will best compliment your face by helping add angles to create a balance. 

AVOID: Avoid completely 'Round' frames (make you look owlish) or completely 'Oval' frames as they will rather add more curves to your oval face. Note that butterfly frames come with both completely round and slightly curved edges.


For Sunglasses, you are lucky to have an oval face because you can flaunt ANY shape or size of sunglasses. Particularly aviators/pilot frame shape, wraparounds and oversized sunglasses will look very good.

In fact, oversized sunglasses suit every face shape as they cover the major contours of your face and also look very glamorous. So go ahead and choose any Sunglasses that you like. For choosing the frame color, read on.

But when it comes to spectacles, you cannot just go for any size. For spectacles, choose a frame that is in proportion to your face. Small face: Small size frames (make your face look longer). Big face: bigger size frames in proportion to your face. When we say small, we are talking about the length/height of the frame.

Widthwise, your frame should be at least as wide as (or wider than) the widest part of your face and this is for both sunglasses and eyeglasses.

Eye frames for oval face shape

What's wrong with this frame?

The frame is too small for her big face, though the shape, color and style are perfect.
Frames for oval face shape
The same person in a suitable frame
Catherine Malandrino in Oversized Glasses
Sporting Oversized Eyeglasses
In fact, big faces can carry really big frames too. Here they do not look out of proportion because she has a really big face.

If you have chubby cheeks or a heavy face, avoid frames with arms attached too low (see pic below) as they will make your cheeks appear heavier and fuller. Go for semi-rimless or cat eye frames, or frames that have a stylish/highlighted upper portion, that will highlight your upper face and balance the fuller cheeks. If you do not want the style quotient of such fancy frame shapes, use rimless or semi-rimless frames that will keep your look simple and neutral.
Don't choose a frame with low-attached arms if you have heavy cheeks
For spectacles, make sure the frame does not hide your eyebrows completely.

At the same time, it should not sit very low on your face. When choosing eyeglasses, make sure your eyes are in the center of the frame. See this:
Zoe Saldana: Oval Face poor fitting glasses
An example of poor fitting eye glasses
What's wrong with this frame? Everything!
  1. It is sitting too low on her face and the top of the frame is almost covering her eyes, obstructing the vision. 
  2. Eyes are not in the center of the frame. 
  3. The oval shaped butterfly frame may have looked good on her. But her rounded eyebrows (not suitable for oval faces) are making her glasses look all the more unsuitable.
Frames for Oval Face Shape
Eyes are perfectly in the center of the frame
A good fitting frame should neither pinch on your nose bridge nor slip down: meaning neither too tight, nor too loose.

If you have a very thin nose bridge and most frames slip down your nose, choose a frame with adjustable nose pads to get the grip.


If you want to keep your look neutral, go with colors that match your eye and hair color. Such eyewear will just 'blend into' your appearance keeping it neutral. 

If you are fashion conscious and want to look attractive, go for colors matching your skin tone, to make a statement. Such eyewear will 'enhance' your appearance.

Warm toned people can choose an eyewear frame color from Coral (warm red), Orange, Peach, Copper, Gold, Honey, Camel, Beige, Khakhi browns, blond tortoise, off-white, Aqua (warm blue) etc.

Cool toned people can choose from Black, Charcoal, Gray, bluish gray/blue-gray, Blue, Silver, White, Purple, Red (cool toned), Maroon, Plum, Magenta, Pink, Rose, Rose Brown, Amber brown, demi-amber tortoise (darker), Jade, Turquoise, Purple etc.

If you cannot figure out your skin tone and want to make a safe choice, go for rimless eye wear, where the color is visible only on the nose bridge and earpieces. Choose the color for that small visible area based on what looks good on you and try many different options before deciding. Women can decide easily based on what color lipsticks look good on them :) and choosing a color from the same 'warm' or 'cool' color family.

For kids, avoid dark colored frames as they can make a kid look mature.

A few Oval Face Celebrities are:

Oval face shape Women: Madhuri Dixit, Priyanka Chopra, Aishwarya Rai Bachan, Vanessa Williams, Jennifer Aniston, Grace Kelly, Britney Spears, Tyra Banks, Julia Roberts, Sharon Stone, Beyonce Knowles, Charlize Theron, Megan Fox, Meryl Streep etc.

Oval Face Shape Men: Jude Law, Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Del Spooner, Barry Watson, Imran Khan actor, Johhny Depp, Justin Timberlake, Will Smith, Chace Crawford etc.

You may have mostly seen them sporting sunglasses, but here are a few celebrity pics in spectacles.
Jennifer Aniston Oval Face Shape Eye FrameJustin Timberlake Oval Face Shape Eyeglasses

Megan Fox Oval Face Shape EyeglassesJohhny Depp Oval Face Shape tortoise shell Eyeglasses

Just do a Google Image Search for their pictures to study which sunglasses and eyeglasses look good on these celebrities. It will help you a lot when choosing one for yourself.

I have provided the names of different frame shapes and the names of colors.  If you are not clear about any frame shape or color, Google Image Search on these will open your eyes to a wide variety of frames available for each type of frame shape. A little research will pay a lot, as in the future, you will always know what suits you and what to go for!

Hope this article is helpful. Please understand that these are just guidelines to help you choose better. You need to feel happy and confident in whatever you choose, whether you follow these guidelines or not.


  1. Nice post Gagan .:)
    I like the deep purple and wine colored frames.


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