Monday, December 17, 2012 Shopping Experience Review

This is a review of the Chinese online shopping website It is a great online shopping portal that lets you buy DIRECTLY from China at ZERO SHIPPING FEE and UNBELIEVABLY LOW PRICES. The variety is so huge, there is definitely something for everyone. If I have to summarize my shopping experience with them, I would say 'Very Professionaland 'Zero Risk.'

buyincoins review

Though it is too late to buy Christmas gifts from them, it is still a good time to avail some amazing discounts. review discounts
No matter how big or small is your order, there is no limitation of a minimum shopping amount. The quality of most products is amazing and you literally get everything dirt cheap... it completely justifies its name ... BUY IN COINS. describes itself as a professional electronics online website, but actually they sell a HUGE variety of products from electronics, jewelery, Jewelery tools, pet supplies, home and gardening, makeup, apparel, kids clothes, toys and what not. It took me 5 days to completely browse the website before placing an order.

Many renowned websites selling Jewelry and Gadgets at high prices actually buy from them and then resell at huge margins.

When you hover your mouse on one Menu, you see a sub menu. Sometimes all items are not listed under that. Click on the menu button and you will see the entire list of categories there. Else use the search button.


Registering is just like any other online shopping site. Write "gaganpreet" in the recommender box while creating your account and get 5% discount on your total bill on first order. Existing customers can like their Facebook page and get their 5% discount coupon under 'Fans Special Deals', which they can apply at the time of checkout.


They also give you a $0.1 discount on every additional quantity in your cart. I don't know how it works, but I got close to $2 discount automatically applied on my total bill for that too, besides the 5% recommender discount I have mentioned above.


Like most international businesses, you need to have a Paypal account to shop from them. Anyone who owns a debit or credit card or uses internet banking can open a Paypal account. It is very easy and hardly takes any time. 

After opening a Paypal account, you will need to verify your card/bank. When you click on the verification link in your Paypal account, Paypal charges $1.95 to your card or bank. You see a transaction ID for that in your bank/card statement. Enter that transaction ID in your Paypal account and you get verified.vOnce verified, Paypal immediately returns that $1.95 to your account/card. 

When I verified, my bank immediately sent me a transaction email, that also had the Paypal transaction code, and I could verify in just 2 minutes.

Paypal makes your online shopping safe because if you do not receive your items or receive damaged items, you can dispute for a refund within 45 days of making the payment.

  1. Orders equal to or above US$30 automatically qualify for registered post/EMS through China or Hong Kong post. You get a tracking code for these.
  2. Orders below US$30 are shipped free through normal China or Hong Kong post. Expected delivery time is higher for unregistered parcels.
  3. If your order is below US$30 and you want express shipping with tracking code, choose 'Express Shipping' at checkout. A $1.95 fee will be added to total bill.
  4. Most orders reach safely even without tracking code, but sometimes they get lost too. It is better to pay $1.95 for registered shipping even if your order is small. It is every bit worth it.
  5. They keep you informed at every step. You get an email once your order is packed, then when it is sent to the post office and finally when it is shipped. 
  6. Once shipped, you can also see a picture of your parcel in your account.

To know how to track your order and complete shipping details, please read their Shipping Policy here. Even though it says they do not ship to Africa, Italy and India, they do ship to India.


SPLIT SHIPPING: has several warehouses. If all your ordered items are not available at one warehouse, they may split your order into different packets and each will be shipped separately. They do NOT inform you beforehand.

So even if you have paid for or you qualify for (order <$30) registered shipping, only the first packet will be sent through registered post. The remaining packets from the split order are sent through normal post.

To avoid this situation, immediately after placing the order, open a ticket with customer care writing "PLEASE DO NOT SPLIT MY ORDER. I CAN WAIT. I WANT TO RECEIVE EVERYTHING IN ONE PACKET." To open a ticket,  click on Menu>>My Account >> Order History>> 'View' next to Order number >> 'Message to BuyinCoins' link in top left or Envelope button in bottom left toolbar. review

COMMUNICATION WITH CUSTOMER CARE: Customer care is really polite but you need to be very patient with them. They understand only easy English sentences. You get reply only once in 24 hours.

BEWARE OF DUPES: While most of the products are extremely good quality, you will also find some famous products you may have seen on TV but it could be a duplicate of that. Just read the description very carefully till the end. There are customer reviews available for each item, in different languages. Just copy paste the review in Google Translator and read before ordering any item. It really helps. 


I could not believe my eyes when I received my parcel on the 10th day (I was  not expecting it before a month). The quality of 90% of items was amazing. God job buyincoins. Honestly, I never expected such quality from China. I had ordered jewelry, accessories, a vanity pouch, a wallet, a science toy and a few other items (no makeup). Every thing was securely bubble wrapped. One ring broke on the way. I wrote to them and they immediately refunded for it. review review
The only item that got broken in transit
Even though I did not receive all my products, I am very happy with my safe shopping experience with them and definitely recommend this site to everyone. My order was split dispatched. I only received the packet with the tracking code, rest of the items never reached me. I disputed through Paypal on the 45th day of payment and refunded every penny for lost items, without any fuss! Their Facebook Help Desk guy helped me a lot and answered every single query of mine with patience.

This is why I would recommend this site to everyone for a safe and happy shopping experience at amazing unbelievable prices.

I do not write haul posts on my blog. If you want to see pics of other items I ordered, let me know and I will post on the Facebook Page.

At this time they may be loaded with orders because it is year end, but if you order now, you should get it by Valentine's day for your loved ones :)


  1. very nice review...i loved shopping with them..:)

    1. Thanks so much Puja :) I had read your review and really liked the nail art you had bought from them. Thanks for sharing the post on FB :)

  2. nice post dear I love buyincoins
    I m goin to browse now

    1. Wow, New Year Shopping! buyincoins help desk had told me they don't have many cutomers in India. But I am getting to know so many :)

  3. Awesome review Gagan <3
    I have browsed their site but never got to buy anything....will try it now :)

    1. Remember that tweezer link I had sent, that one was from buyincoins only. I sent it to you deliberately because I see you buying good stuff but at very high prices. Time to save some money, which you can use for more shopping :)

  4. Nice review Gagan as usual.. i have been dying to get the eyeshadow palette. but cant do.. my cards still blocked..:((

    1. Awww I can imagine how you must be feeling.. literally hand tied. Have you contacted your card company for re-issue yet? If you want, you can buy through my Paypal account dear and transfer me the money later.

    2. I really feel like bashing the guy who stole your purse.

    3. Is it me happyyyyy..:) if i will do that then will transfer the money first..:)
      main issue is with the voter ID na pan card can be made new..

    4. Ha ha don't worry about that. I know you are honest at heart:) Just check with me over email/msg on my card statement dates.

  5. Hi Girls,

    First of all, i want to thank you to my dear friend Gagan for this beautiful, detailed and helpful review! I hope She, and you girls, will write the new reviews soon and share them with me ;) Thus, i will be happy to help your next orders on

    As Gagan explained above, you can make your first purchase 5% cheaper; writing "discountnow" site recommender code in place as in the picture while registering to for the first time! >

    Please LIKE & Follow us! Thank you... :)

  6. nice detailed review Gagan!!

    i always loved shopping from buyincoins.. :)

  7. I have been buying from them for many years and almost all my experiences were great. I only wish they published legit reviews of the products they sell so you have a real idea of what you are getting. Unless the buyer gives a product five stars in every category, their review is rejected. What is the point of even having reviews when every product on the site is rated at five out of five??

    1. Thanks and you have a valid point here. I did not know about the 5 star rating thing. But honestly, I browsed through their site very thoroughly and found many many negative reviews too, which I found very helpful. So ppl might give 5 stars just to get through and still write honest reviews. May be they are able to get through because the approver does not understand their language and may not have bothered to translate. For example, the ear-rings that look like brass are actually plastic coated with metal. I got to know this through reviews only. I have learnt the hard way to read their product description word by word because at least I would know not to expect too much. If I have doubt about the quality of any product, I rather don't buy that thing.

  8. Nice Blog, Nice Review! Yes I love BIC, too and helpdesk is always helpful.

  9. wowo cool stuff!!!

    The do not honor their daily clearance prices.. It show one price on their sight but charge you a complete different amount. Then i also had another problem with then.. I got a receipt for $142.76 AUSTRALIAN but when i paid for it I found that they charged me $161.16AUSTRALIA, I sent all my receipts to prove it and proof of what was taken from my account and they still will not refund the over $18 dollars they over charged me. The are a total rip off. Also found that half of the products are faulty and they will not replace or refund.. BE very careful when buying from here.

    1. Hi, thanks for sharing your experience. While shopping, I see that Paypal gives you two choices: 1. To let Paypal convert the currency for you and it is always slightly higher than market rate for the day, but it is a hasslefree way. 2. Let your bank do a currency conversion. When you chose 2 during checkout, your bank may choose currency rates based on their own system and also currency conversion charges apply. BIC would get only what it shows in your invoice under 'My Account'. The additional $ amount got charged to you because you bank used the conversion rate of the day, it actually billed you, rather than the transaction day. But yes, I do see a price change in general on BIC. Many times an item is offered at a cheaper rate than what I had paid for it in the past.

  11. Finally finally i have decided on the things I wanna buy..The site is so addictive that you would end up buying a whole bunch of useless some of the stuff is super the buttons you bought:):)

    1. That's a wise thing to make a list and then wait over it a few days to finally shortlist what you actually want to buy :) I am glad you took your time to decide Jalpa. Totally agree with you since I also felt I was getting addicted to it and had started wasting time browsing through some useless items. I have a mixed bag. Some products turned out really good, some I never used :) And those buttons, I haven't used but I keep taking them out and my son and I play with them. They are super cute <3

    2. And yes, Jalpa congrats. You have won a prize in the Soulflower giveaway. Hope you see my email and the Facebook update soon.

  12. There is nothing honest in this review. I wait for my orders 4 months and never received it. Last 4 weeks i was constantly told to wait one more week and now they are not even answering my money back / resend requests. Who ever uses this site should know that they HAVE to open a case against them on paypal. Dont wait to long or youll loose your money like i did.

    1. The review is honest. It is a 2+ years old review and it is common sense that things change in the online businesses within months. So you cannot compare a 2+years old review to the present situation. I agree buyincoins has increased the prices and does not offer refunds anymore that easily, rather they try to give you the refund in the form of coins. A lot more businesses have popped up that you can shop from, like etc. The paypal dispute period was earlier 45 days (1.5 months) and now it has been increased to 180 days (6 months), which means you have a higher buyer protection period by Paypal now. However, the flip side is that if you do not receive your product in time, buyincoins can now ask you to wait 2 months or longer and then open a case as there is a huge resolution period of 6 months now and they can take that much time for resolution. Opening a case in Paypal is just the matter of clicking on a link and not a hassle at all. Rather it protects your money.

      I have stopped buying from buyincoins mainly because in my last order with them, I purchased some items costlier than they were worth and the items didn't even last much, some of the household items broke within 1-2 uses. So I think it is no longer value for money and a lot of sites in India are already providing the same items now through local online shopping portals.

      I didn't get time to update the review but thanks to your comment, I hope this reply helps anyone planning to buy from them in the future. Thank you and hope you do get your money back :)

  13. Hi Gaganpreet, I came to know about this website from your review and I want to purchase from it. I am having some questions about PayPal account.
    1. If Paypal accepts ICICI debit card because from various threads online i came to know that Paypal does not accept any other bank's debit card.
    2. That $1.95 amount Paypal charge is really refunded?? because I have once entered my debit card detail on Paypal page from buyincoins so that i can pay without opening a Paypal account and i was charged $1 and it was never refunded. And i was not able to complete the order from BOB debit card that time.
    3. I won one coin on Buyincoins so can i use both coin and Paypal together as payment method.


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