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Friday, November 9, 2012 Shopping Review

I got my first order delivered from today and am very happy with it, though I am not sure when or if I will be able to shop with them again. If you are in a remote or protected area like me, your area may not have a suitable delivery option.

Slassy = Stylish + Classy and they do have really classy products on their site. While hosts many more premium makeup brands than, products are always out of stock on medplus and is always freshly stocked with whatever brands they sell. I love window shopping at the slassy website and wish they gave out good discounts, but they don't :(

I had been trying to shop with them since April this year, but the delivery options were not workable. They were willing to deliver only via DTDC, which is the worst courier service in my area. I wrote to them recently and they agreed to send my order via Fedex. I had high hopes. is based in Bangalore. My order was shipped on Oct 29th and reached Punjab on Nov 6th, 2012 = 9 DAYS!!! I receive my orders from Hyderabad in 4-6 days. When I checked the status online, it mentioned some economical package, meaning they have some cheap deal with the courier service and orders are sent on least priority. On top of that, Fedex called me and told they have stopped delivery to my area more than a year ago, so my brother had to go pick up my order two days after it reached.

The packaging was classic. I had ordered some makeup (Max Factor Creme Blush - soft cardinal and Bourjois Smokey Eyes Trio Eye Shadow- Gris Dandy. Anyone wants reviews?) The items were securely bubble wrapped, and further cushioned in between cutely shaped thermocol pieces. The order came in a sturdy hard cardboard box with written on it, and further the whole packet was laminated, which was another plus over other services. shopping review
 After removing the lamination shopping review
 After removing the lamination sheet 
The products were fresh stock and I was kind of sure it will be like that, because I have heard this from other people too, that sends out fresh stock. They offer free shipping on all orders above Rs 350. shopping review
 See those cute thermocol pieces? 
I was so excited that I opened the packaging and tried the products immediately. The pic above was taken later, but actually these were nicely bubble wrapped. Customer care is very prompt and polite only when you need help with order. All other emails are ignored. Their Facebook contact answered my messages promptly.

The site has a good variety of premium makeup but I wish there were better and more discounts. There is a meager 3% - 6% discount on some products. I won't mind cheaper packing like other brands as long as I get my products intact, but with the cheap courier service they are using, they can definitely part with some money on the discounts part. 

And if they can ever expand on their delivery options, they can surely earn many more orders as people from remote areas are more likely to buy premium stuff online, which they don't get in their local market. If you have ever shopped with this online store, do share your experience in the comments below. I would love to shop with them again provided they don't take 9-11 days to deliver my order and give me delivery at home. I even wrote to them after receiving the order, but they didn't reply. So I have not looked back at them. There are many other online stores with more courteous customer-friendly services.


  1. i love trio smokey eye shadow...
    waiting for ur review of max factor creme blush..:)

    1. Sure darling, thanks for telling. I will do it soon for you :)

  2. Again a very nice and detailed review Gagan.:)
    I want to see the swatches soon .:)

  3. Wow! great haul Gagan! At last my friend is buying make-up :)
    Waiting impatiently for EOTD and FOTD pics :)

    1. Thanks dear... haha I do buy makeup and other stuff, just shy to do haul posts, though enjoy reading others' :) Will surely do a smokey eye look for you!

  4. hey nice haul gagan..
    can I expect to see EOTDs from now ??

    1. I so want to do them but my camera broke in Jan and couldn't get it fixed yet. In Delhi, Canon corp office was right across but here, it is difficult to find a genuine repair guy. Will try to make it possible soon. Thanks.

    2. :(
      I had problem with my canon too..
      and none could repair properly..
      so i bought a new camera just yesterday :)

    3. Congratulations on your new cam. Mine was working very good until a neighborhood kid tried to snatch it from Khush, breaking the shutter and damaging the cam. It would record videos now but won't click pics :(

  5. Gagan - I always find merit in what you say....and that is quite an unusual occurrence :)

    My experience with Slassy - Just ordered two Rimmel London lipsticks and Slassy can really learn a thing or two from other online shopping sites…!! I found the packing to be very flimsy...just thrown in with a small piece of bubblewrap and rubberband in some floating thermocol. I have ordered from so many sites and have found their packing to be excellent!! Products are tightly packed and allow no movement.

    Most annoying part - totally different shade from what's on their site and what we received! On their site it shows as a pink/brown and when I got it, it was a reddish/brown shimmery shade…aarrrghhh…. I bought this for my mom and she's gonna hate it!!

    There is no option for you to give a feedback/review on Slassy and they don't even think its their fault for not showing accurate shades...I found that beyond appalling!

    I will most certainly NOT buy cosmetics from them again…there are MUCH MUCH BETTER sites out there! I just hope other sites start to stock Rimmel London soon...

    1. Awww that IS annoying Supriya. I have had this kind of experience with Medplus once, I mean totally different shades and even shade names are wrong. I once bought a Bourjois eye shadow which looked a lovely olive green but on receiving, I found it was gray and after that I have never depended on the shade card given on the sites, always go by swatches and reviews. I hope you can find something else for your mom. I completely agree there should be a channel for the customer to provide feedback. Slassy replies ONLY when you are facing difficulty placing an order, which is, only when they want the money to come in. Once you have paid, they never bother what you got or how you feel. I have never shopped with them again no matter how tempting products they are selling.


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