Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Aloe Veda Indian Khus (Vetiver) with Kewda Extracts Glycerin Soap Review

This is a review for Aloe Veda Indian Khus (Vetiver) with Kewda Extracts Moisturising Bathing Bar.

Aloe Veda Indian Khus (Vetiver) with Kewda Extracts Moisturising Bathing Bar Review

Aloe Veda Indian Khus (Vetiver) with Kewda Extracts Soap


Aloe Veda Indian Khus (Vetiver) with Kewda Extracts Moisturising Bathing Bar Ingredients

Merquat Plus: Helps the soap produce rich and thick foam. Gives a silky velvety feel to the skin. Reduces the stretched dry feeling you get with normal soaps.
Sodium PCA: A natural ingredient that helps in binding moisture to the skin cells, leaving the skin highly moisturized after bath.
Sorbitol: Provides transparency to the soap. Also acts as a humectant (absorbs moisture from the air and binds it to the skin cells) like sodium PCA.


Of all the Aloe Veda soaps I have tried so far, this is the second soap I would love to repurchase (besides the Aloe Veda Lavendar Soap). This soap smells like thandai because of Kewda extracts. Thandai is a cool refreshing Indian drink made from Almonds, pepper, milk, Vetiver/Indian Khus and Kewda.

Somehow, I had a feeling that I won't like this soap and I kept using other soaps before trying this one. But it turned out AMAZING. I just LOVED the bathing experience. For a change, I did NOT smell any unwanted overwhelming perfumes. The soap has a very pleasant and soothing smell. Like all Aloe Veda glycerin soap bars, the lather is RICH and CREAMY. If you use a loofah with this soap, it lathers up incredibly creamy just like shaving foam or whipped cream. The best part is, the rich lather rinses off easily with very little water, leaving you moisturized and squeaky clean.

It is almost winters here and with Kewda and Khus, this sounds like a summer soap but even in this season, it did not dry me out. Loved this soap!

Update on Dec 2, 2012: Recently noticed that the smell locks into the skin when you wear sweater and skin smells very very nice even till night. 


None for the soap, only the flimsy difficult-to-remove packaging of all Aloe Veda Soaps. All Aloe Veda Glycerin soaps break into chunks when the soap is almost used up but you can still use those soap pieces by crushing them with your hands within the wet loofah and building up lather.

Recommend: Yes
Repurchase: Yes
I had bought it at 25% discount from medplusbeauty.com.


  1. very nice post gaggu...i think u like aloe vera products a lot if i am nt wrong...i love lavender soaps n their moisturizer creams...

    1. Thanks Tej. This is Aloe Veda and I did find a couple of great soaps from them, this being the 2nd one I like. And yes, Aloe Vera, the plant and natural gel, I do like it for its magical properties.

  2. A very good review Gagan....I vl definitely try this out on your recommendation...and BTW.....where r u????? mail me soon..missing u swty :)

    1. Hey Ruby, any one who loves the smell of earth when it rains, would love this soap :) It reminds of that every time I use it. And I am going to write to you shortly. Thanks dear.

  3. Nice review dear!
    i agree these soaps breaks into pieces once they are about to finish and using them gets difficult then.

    1. Yes you are right, but I discovered u can enjoy them to the last bit if you use a loofah :)


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