Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Organic Surge Colour Protect Shampoo Review

This is a review of Organic Surge Colour Protect Shampoo for colour-treated hair. I was using chemical hair colors for 9 years and kept using ordinary SLS based shampoos all this while, as I did not know earlier that color treated hair need milder products and special care. My hair ends started tangling into rigid knots after each wash. My first color protect shampoo was from Vidal Sassoon, that proved a disaster and my search for an SLS free shampoo brought me to Organic Surge.

Organic Surge Color Protect Shampoo Review
Organic Surge Color Protect Shampoo
Price: INR 625 (I buy for INR 500 from medplusbeauty.com *highest discount)
Quantity: 250 ml / 8.33 floz
Made in the UK

Initially this shampoo was available at medplusbeauty.com at 50% discount for INR 312.50. But now the maximum discount is 20% at medplus. Other online stores are selling at a higher price.

Package Description:

Your hair’s best friend… colour treated hair needs extra care to maintain hair health and prevent colour fade or discolouration. Colour protect shampoo blends intense natural moisturisers with lychee extract, which is scientifically proven to prolong the radiance of colour-treated hair and improve manageability, leaving it looking softer, shinier and more vibrant.

Read the rest of the description here:

Organic Surge Color Protect Shampoo Review Claims Description

Organic Surge Colour protect shampoo is a blend of 98% naturally-derived and organic ingredients
Contains organic peach extract and almond essential oil.
Organic Surge is against animal testing.


Organic Surge Color Protect Shampoo Ingredients

Phenoxyethanol is used in products as an alternative to parabens and alone, it is unsafe for use near eyes, mouth, ear etc. But every product in the market contains either Parabens on Phenoxyethanol. Here, Phenoxyethanol / Benzyl Acohol / Potassium Sorbate combination gives it antimicrobial properties against Bacteria, Yeast and Moulds. These are added as preservatives.

I have never felt any itching on the scalp or irritation with this shampoo.

Smell: It has a deliciously sweet fruity fragrance
Color: Looks exactly like pineapple or sweetlime juice
Consistency: It is a little runny/watery


I have used 3 bottles of this shampoo so far. Recently started using an SLS-free shampoo bar from another brand because this shampoo is very costly now. But I love Organic Surge and will still repurchase it for the following reasons:
  • It treated the burning in my scalp caused by the Vidal Sassoon Color Care shampoo
  • It deeply enhances my hair color.
  • It smells sweet and delicious, and feels like I am washing my hair with fruit juice than a shampoo.
  • The best part is, I can wash my long hair within a few minutes. This has no Sodium Laureth Sulfate or any such chemical foaming agents, so it rinses off within 2-3 full big mugs of water.
  • This shampoo is clarifying as it removed all the heaviness (deposits from continuous rich conditioning) from my hair and has made them light and soft.
  • Organic Surge Colour Protect Shampoo gives immense shine, great visibility and radiance to my hair color.
Regarding the ‘Longer lasting Colour’ claim, I honestly did not find much weightage in that. It will protect your hair color if you use a permanent hair color but for any temporary hair colors I tried, they all washed out in 3 uses with this shampoo. So for that matter, you can use any shampoo from their wide range and they all will give you beautiful hair.

Since I now use Henna, I have used it with Henna too and it works awesome on Henna treated hair.

I rarely use any conditioner now still my hair are soft. I was suffering from excessive hair loss and continuous use of this shampoo has stopped my hair loss despite stress and poor sleep/diet patterns.


When you switch from an ordinary or SLS based shampoo to a non-SLS shampoo, it takes some time for your hair to adapt and adjust. Initially the shampoo won’t lather much and you may not feel any shine or special difference in your hair. But after a month or so, your will notice great difference when your hair have adjusted to it. The shampoo will then lather much more than before and will make your hair softer. My hair just thank me for giving them this fruity treat.

Organic Surge Color Protect Shampoo results
A Strand of my hair washed with Organic Surge color protect shampoo, coated with Vidal Sasoon Color care treatment after 44 hrs of shampooing.

It contains Sucrose Laurate and Lauryl Glucosyde (derived from coconut oil and sugar) as surfactants.

People who love excessive foam during shampooing may not like it as it does not foam like SLS based shampoos.

  1. This shampoo is a little runny like thick fruit juice, so you need to be careful while pouring it out. As the level of shampoo goes down with usage, it becomes easier to handle.
  2. Works best when diluted with a little water.
  3. It won't lather on rubbing into the scalp. Pat the diluted shampoo into the scalp and it will spread like a dream.
You can use any conditioner of your choice (even chemical based) every 2-3 weeks while using this shampoo and your hair will shine with health. People with hair problems or chemically-treated hair better avoid conditioner and use hair serum instead.

I had suggested Organic Surge Moisture Boost Shampoo to some readers who did not have color treated hair and were looking for an SLS free shampoo. Some of them are using it and are very happy with the results. I will also try Moisture Boost in the near future.

Repurchase: Yes
Recommend?: Highly

UPDATE Aug 27, 2013: This particular shampoo has been discontinued. Organic Surge has reformulated its Moisture Boost shampoo into a Color protect shampoo now. It will soon be restocked on most online stores and you can try that. It is NO LONGER sulphates free, though it may be mild. I won't be repurchasing it as I am wary of the new ingredient list.


  1. Wow!!! Very detailed post....Nw u hv lured me into buying Organic surge :D
    Am goin to buy hair color today.....then vl order this online...hope I can get the same discount :)
    Keep up the good wrk Gal! <3

    1. Hey Ruby dear, yes there still is 50% discount on Organic Surge shampoos on Medplusbeauty, other sites have less discount. I checked last night :) For the hair color, I am emailing you something. Check it out :)

  2. Nice post and very detailed review Gaganpreet.:)
    I have not tried Organic surge yet but now i want to try it.
    Thanks for visiting dear and sorry about that unverified account. i will do it again. :)

    1. Hey Niesha, If you ever try this range, do let me know. Would love to know your experience with it. Regarding the subscription, it's okay dear. I saw that you had entered a different email ID and now it is showing u in the list :) Thanks.

    2. Sure Gagan. will definitely try them once and share the review.
      take care.!!

  3. Hi Gagan,

    I bought the Organic Surge Moisture Boost shampoo and conditioner. It is simply amazing. I used very less water to wash my hair and the hair fall during wash was also very less. My hair looks and feels very soft, silky and shiny. Moreover, the amount of shampoo and the conditioner used was also very less. My hair also feels very light and not limp or greasy like before. It does not lather much, but still does its work properly. The point is to use less shampoo and keep adding water for it to be very effective. I bought this from www.slassy.com which has other products from this Organic Surge range. Gagan, am happy I read this review and bought the Organic Surge shampoo and conditioner. Thanks a ton babe!!!


    1. Awwwwwwwwwwww I am so glad Pratibha you liked it and it turned worth your money. I have exactly the same experience of this product as yours. I haven't used the conditioner yet but after your confirmation, I will try it :-) Thank yo so much for sharing your valuable feedback.

  4. Hey Gagan,

    I recommended the color protect shampoo to my friend and she bought it. She is very happy with the results and said she will buy it again. She had very less hairfall while washing her hair - say 4-5 strands only, her hair felt soft and smooth. Thanks again!!!


    1. Thank YOU Pratibha for trusting my review and giving it a try and recommending too. You just made my day! :)

  5. Update: Medplus.com was providing organic surge products at 50% off and today I noticed they have increased the prices like all other websites. It is still at a good discount but at a much higher price than the earlier discount :(

  6. This seems like a perfect shampoo. Will try other variant. Does it remove oil if i would oil my hair?
    BTW very nice review Gaganpreet :)

    1. Thanks Megha :) I have tried that only once and was actually surprised that it washed the oil out easily without any extra effort or over shampooing. I wanted to try their moisture boost shampoo but the mfg and expiry dates given by medplus were not very clear. This color protect shampoo has a shelf life of a few years but for others they told me it is only 1 year, which I don't think was correct. And one more thing, I did not like the color protect conditioner (still testing) so not sure how the other conditioners in this range are. For me this shampoo and a hair serum suffice.

  7. Hi Gagan, hw r u? i had dropped in a mail sm 15 days bk....still waiting to kno abt ur views on Herbal Essences colour protect shampoo......since my bottle of shampoo wl b last for another 2-3 washes i wanted to buy this organic surge colour protect shampoo bt as u mentioned its no more avlble on any site.....in this case can u plz advice wich COLOUR PROTECT SHAMPOO WOULD BE BEST FOR HENNA-INDIGO TREATED HAIR.....n frm where to get it
    also lemme tell u Gagan that my hair quality is better nw hwever i kno it wont change overnite n wud tk time bt henna-indigo application is really much preferred than any chemical based hair colours.....thanks to u for helping explaining its application procedure :) :)

  8. Dear Gagan, hope u r healthy n happy.....for long i ws waiting for ur reply to my mail.....m in look out for a color protect shampoo.....this organic surge color protect shampoo is not avlble on line nw so in this case WHICH SHAMPOO DO U SUGGEST FOR COLOR TREATED HAIR- HENNA-INDIGO TREATED HAIR.......
    I hv bn using Herbal Essences Colour Me Shiny Shampoo aftr reading its review online bt nw i want a btr shampoo as i didnt get ur views on it . tk care :)
    can u also suggest which face wash is good for 35+ women with oily skin in summers and combination skin in winters

  9. Dear Gagan, I really liked your blog which has come just in time when I am looking for some serious advice :) I always had long, straight and healthy hair (thanks to my mom who invested so many hours ensuring I grow up with beautiful locks). I got my hair colored with a base color in December, 2013 along with streaks in the crown area. I am 34 now and did this precisely to hide the graying I recently discovered, mostly in and around the crown area.
    4 months hence my hair has become very dry, and brittle. To make it worse, my scalp has become itchy with dandruff and I am experiencing a lot of hair fall and thinning. I have tried a range of products for managing dryness and hair fall. At times, I feel some of them are working well for my scalp (mostly Dove products are giving a good result), I am not able to find a good shampoo for colored hair that can treat my hair along with retaining the hair color.
    Kindly suggest a good shampoo that can take care of the above problems to a possible extent. I have recently moved to applying Ayurveda products like Brahmi and Amla powder mixed with yogurt, which is helping with the hair fall and dryness to a certain extent.
    Would be glad if you can suggest a good shampoo for hair color than can accompany to provide a complete solution.

    1. Dear Ratna, first of all you need to stop using Dove and other harsh chemicals based products. While you are under the impression that Dove shampoo is making your hair soft, it is actually the one drying out your hair anf causing the itching in the scalp. Your scalp has been negatively affected by the chemical treatment you took and once the scalp is not healthy, sulphates based shampoos irritate the scalp all the more.

      I am still using this Organic Surge Shampoo and am about to start with the last bottle I had stocked when it was discontinued. Just today I have come across something similar and mild and sulphates free. I haven't personally tried this shampoo but you can check it out because it will be my next choice: http://www.joybynature.com/collections/buy-hair-care-products/products/nourishing-volume-boost-shampoo

      Brahmi and Amla hair pack will definitely help you but remember that both yogurt and brahmi have a cooling effect on the scalp. So make sure to stir the yogurt first and also to cover your head for those 30 min - 1 hr when you have that hair mask on. Also, please check out my first article under the Hair Care section that talks about taking care of damaged brittle hair and scalp. It covers the solutions to most of the problems you are facing. There is also detail on the aromatherapy oils you can use to treat your condition. With just a little good care, your hair can definitely come back to their original healthy state, don't worry. You can buy the oils from Soulflower or at cheaper rates from shop.mokshalifestyle.com. If you need further help with this, please complete the membership steps mentioned in the Blog Policy and then you can email me.


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