Friday, August 17, 2012

Vidal Sassoon Premium Color Care Shampoo Review

This is a review for Vidal Sassoon (VS Sasoon) Premium Color Care shampoo for color treated hair. This brand has many other products in the color care series but only the shampoo, the conditioner and the treatment cream are available in India. I bought this product with very high hopes as I blindly trust Japanese brands, which are usually excellent. I wish my hunt for a great color care shampoo had ended with this one, but alas it failed me. I haven’t bought the conditioner from this series, though the treatment cream is good. (reviewed here).
Vidaal Sasoon Premium Color Care Shampoo 190ml
Vidaal Sasoon Premium Color Care Shampoo 190ml
Vidaal Sasoon Premium Color Care Shampoo Ingredients
Vidaal Sasoon Premium Color Care Shampoo Ingredients
Color care shampoo for color treated hair
Available in 190 ml and 500 ml packings
Creamy white
INR 325 (for 190ml) and INR 675 (for 500ml). Available at good discount on most online shopping websites.
Shelf Life
36 months from mfg date
Vidal Sassoon is a Japanese brand but the products are now made by Procter & Gamble Thailand.
Package Description
With triple beauty effect; namely, Liquid Diamond, Cashmere Shine and Amino Supply
Details mentioned on online store
The revolutionary Liquid Diamond Effect Formula of the new Diamond Shine Series from Vidal Sassoon Japan deeply nourishes and conditions your hair with triple beauty effect; namely, Liquid Diamond, Cashmere Shine and Amino Supply, so that every strand of hair shines like a string of diamonds with every move.
The Liquid Diamond Effect – a diamond-like reflective shine that shimmers with each movement of your body
The Cashmere Shine Effect – leaves hair smooth and orderly even after rigorous activity
The Amino Supply Effect – deeply moisturizes and nourishes every strand of hair
Vidaal Sasoon Premium Color Care Shampoo 500ml
Vidaal Sassoon Premium Color Care Shampoo 500ml
This shampoo brilliantly enhanced my otherwise unnoticeable hair color in just one wash and I was pretty impressed. The first wash left my hair with a very strange texture, which always happens when I change shampoos. After the first wash, almost 1/3rd of my total hair volume fell off. But because the hair were soft and the color shone brilliantly, I didn't suspect the shampoo for the hair fall and kept using it faithfully. The hair fall never stopped.

I checked with a few people and everybody was complaining of hair fall, so I again thought may be seasonal change. I also developed slight ithching and burning in my scalp. I was using it along with L'Oreal professional liss ultime hair mask, so I stopped using the hair mask to check if there was any improvement in the hair fall.

But I ended up in an even worse situation. I do not cut my hair. On using the shampoo without any conditioner, the lower ends of my long hair started tangling into a huge mess of knots like you would have seen on saadhus (sages). I have experienced the same results with L'Oreal liss ultime shampoo too, which also left my lower hair ends under nourished. Anyways, it was such a pain to untangle that messy knot of hair after every hair wash and I finally chucked off whatever was left of this shampoo in the bottle. This shampoo has Ammonium Laureth Sulphate, which seems to be too harsh for my scalp and my color treated hair. I have switched to an organic shampoo with no sodium or ammonium laureth sulphate and will review that once I have used that for a considerable amount of time.

  1. It did enhance my hair color beautifully and also my color lasted longer than before. In fact, this was the first shampoo that ever brought visibility to my hair color.
  2. It made my hair voluminous and bouncy.
  3. It gave great shine to my color treated hair.
  4. It could have been the best color care shampoo in the market if it actually didn't cause any hair fall.
  1. Even though it contains a high foaming agent like ammonium laureth sulphate, it doesn't foam easily and you end up using 3-4 times more shampoo than a regular shampoo.
  2. Once it foams, it takes buckets and buckets of water to rinse off. I usually ended up with sprained neck and shoulders due to heavy duty rinsing.
  3. Turned my lower hair ends into such bad tangled knots, anyone else in my place would have cut them off.
  4. No value for money.
  5. The shampoo is manufactured in Thailand even though it is a Japanese brand. It was a turn off for me when I discovered this.
Upon research, I found that this brand used to sell in the US market around the year 2001-2003 after which it was chucked off from the US. At that time it was being manufactured in Japan. I really can't figure out what made them enter the Indian market after 10 yrs and that too with an outsourced manufacturing unit. Are they experimenting on Indian population or what?

I have read good reviews about their base care shampoo but the color care shampoo was a real illusion and a disaster to my hair. It just gave the illusion of good results while it took it's sweet time to damage my hair roots. I was taken by the big words like cashmere shine and liquid diamond. But what would you do with shiny hair when soon it won’t leave you any hair to flaunt.

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Anyone who has used this shampoo without any alarming hair fall, please let me know. If you know of a great product for color treated hair, do share the good in the comments below. Thanks for reading and hope this review helps you make an informed choice.


  1. thanks 4 this review...ya i hv also used this shampoo..i did not like this too..its full of chemicals...better u go 4 biotique or khadi or any organic shampoos.... that will give u better result without any hermful ingredients

  2. Thanks for sharing your feedback :) Yes, I agree with you. I am using Organic Surge color protect shampoo (reviewed under the 'Hair Care' section above and ever since I am using SLS free shampoo, the hair fall has stopped.