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Biotique Bio Costus Foot Cream Review

This is a review for Biotique Bio Costus Foot Cream.


Biotique Bio Costus Stress Relief Foot Massage Cream is made out of extracts of costus root, dandelion and cobra saffron. Costus Root is a wild herb growing in the Himalayas and is known for medicinal properties. Its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory nature keeps skin cool, calm and conditioned. The cream also contains lanolin. Cobra saffron and lanolin extract helps in softening the hard skin and prevents the heal from cracking. It also cures foot infection and stop feet itching. It gives a soothing and cooling effect to your tired feet.

Biotique Costus Foot Cream Review
Biotique Costus Foot Cream 50 gms Tub Pack

Ayurvedic Foot Cream
50 gms and 250 gms packing
Thick White cream
50 gm pack = INR 180 (INR 153 on
250 gms pack = INR Rs 540 (INR 459 on Highest discount) 
Also available at and many online stores.
Shelf Life
3 years from mfg date
Comes in regular Biotique Green tub packing.
Package Description
Help soften hard skin and soothe tired feet, cures foot infection and stops foot itch. This is not a cosmetic product. It has therapeutic properties. Carefully manufactured and Marketed by BIO VEDA ACTION RESEARCH COMPANY.
2% Doodhal Mool (Dandelion extracts), 1% NagKesar (cobra saffron.), 2% Kooth Mool (Costus Root), 1% Menthol, Sunflower Oil, Cream Base (Lanolin)

Biotique Costus Foot Cream Ingredients

My previous foot cream was used up and I was looking for another option when I saw this one. I researched and didn't find a single review for this product. I didn't know this is a medicated cream and bought it under the impression of a regular foot cream. But I am still finding it very useful.

What makes this cream different from regular foot creams is that this is not at all greasy. Regular foot creams mostly form a layer of fat on your feet to lock in the moisture and take a very long time to absorb into the skin. So they are best applied at bed time when you won’t walk around anymore. Also, if you happen to wet your feet even a bit, regular foot creams give a very uneasy greasy slippery feeling. 

Biotique Costus cream gets absorbed immediately without leaving any hint of oiliness. So it can be applied anytime during the day. It conditions the skin without making it oily. It’s a great cream for active men and women who keep their feet tied in closed shoes most part of the day, for sports-persons, for housewives who spend long hours standing in the kitchen, diabetics who usually feel pain in feet due to poor circulation, and for anyone who is prone to cracked heels and foot infections, or have hard foot skin.

Update on 4 Oct 2012: The 50 gms tub is just 65% of the total tub you see above. It lasted me almost 2 months with 1-2 applications per day. My feet did not have sensation in some areas and I couldn't feel tickling earlier. Within 2 weeks of applying this cream daily, my sense of 'Feel' returned in the numb areas. Also, it cured the burning sensation I used to have in my feet all the time. Another benefit: My left foot's thumb nail had a big crack in the nail bed area for many years. The nail used to break off  every few weeks leaving half of the nail bed exposed. This cream healed that cracked nail when everything else failed. However, this is a personal observation and experience with the product and the results may vary from person to person. I have repurchased the bigger 250 gms tub as that is more economical.

Biotique Costus Foot Cream Review
Biotique Costus Foot Cream 250 Gms Tub

Biotique Costus Foot Cream Review
Biotique Costus Foot Cream 250 Gms Tub

Biotique Costus Foot Cream Review
The 250 Gms Tub comes sealed with Aluminium Foil

  1. Foot infections are very common in the present humid Indian weather. This foot cream has medicinal properties for curing such infections.
  2. Menthol increases blood circulation where cream is applied, and provides quick relief to tired feet. Feet turn rosy red and beautiful due to improved circulation.
  3. You get soft feet without any stickiness or sweat.
  4. All Biotique products (including this cream) are completely organic, preservative (paraben) free and do not have any strong chemicals.
  5. If you have very dry skin prone to cracked heels, you can use a small quantity daily as a regular cream. Especially good for diabetics and people with poor blood circulation.
  1. Some people may not like the smell of Menthol like I did in the beginning, because it feels like you are applying Vicks to your feet. But the smell fades away in a few minutes and anyways your nose and feet are very far from each other :-)
  2. 50 gms packing is costlier. If it suits you, it is economical to buy the 250 gms tub.
  3. If you apply lavishly on healthy feet, you will feel slight burning due to menthol. But this is only initially and once you get used to it, you don't feel it at all. So take small amounts and spread thoroughly on the skin each time.
  4. This cream is not very rich/oily. Winters are round the corner so I will update if it provides good moisturization in winters.
  5. People don't like tub packing for hygiene reason. The packing is not an issue for me personally. If you have more than one biotique products, it becomes difficult to differentiate as they all look same. Need to mark with a nailpolish or something to avoid confusion.
Tips: Always insert clean and dry fingers in any jar/tub packing. For best results use it after bath as skin is highly moisturized at that time. Make sure to wipe dry the gaps between your toes after bath/wash to prevent foot infections. I am using this cream along with the Vaadi Herbals Foot Scrub Soap reviewed here.

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  1. Love your detailed reviews. Soooooo helpful for us who are groping in the dark! Thank you and God bless! - Divya

    1. Thanks a ton Divya :) These wishes truly mean a lot! I am happy to know you read some reviews and found them helpful.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thanks Lavanya. It is actually a very good foot cream, though on the expensive side. At that time I did not know about aromatherapy products. If you want something for dry feet, try Jojoba oil and for painful heels, you can use a few drops of lavender oil to it and apply. Works as good as this cream.

  3. Thank you for the detailed review. I purchased it today and used it after reading your review. Do you have reviews for their other products ?
    I used to make home made foot cream using Aromatherapy oils. I will wait to see its results.

  4. Thank you for the detailed review. And you rightly mentioned that their products look similar and hard to differentiate. Again this is also true that its hard to find review boutique products. Do you have review for their other products. Keep up the good work. Kudos !

    1. Dear Sachin, I have used many of their products but so long back that I don't remember which were good and which weren't. Apart from this foot cream, I have tried their Nyctanthes hand cream which is decent but doesn't help in winters until you use a dimethicone/mineral oil based moisturizer along with it to seal the goodness. I have edited and added the link for it at the end of the article above. But I love this foot cream. It's extremely relaxing to tired aching feet. I recently checked some of their shampoos but didn't buy because they are all sulphates based. If you want the review for any particular product of theirs kindly let me know.

      I am also into aromatherapy. DIY foot cream is a great idea and on my to do list for quite long apart from some other body butters and creams. It's so good to know you have it in you to go that extra mile to make products at home. People these days are willing to spend money on crappy products just to save time.

  5. Looks like a good foot cream, I have been looking for something that would soften my hard heels, I might buy this! Thanks for the awesome review, di. :)


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