Monday, June 11, 2012

Vaadi Herbals Elbow-Foot-Knee Scrub Pedicure Soap Review

This is a review for the Vaadi Herbals Elbow-Foot-Knee Scrub soap also known as the "Pedicure At Home" Soap.

Foot Scrub Soap
Rs 25 for 75 gms packing
Silver Gray
Between soapy and herbal, slightly strong, but you don't get to know till you sniff it.
Since this is a scrub soap, it is coarse in texture. It contains almond and walnut micro-particles.
Best before
36 months from mfg. date
Comes wrapped in proper plastic wrapper enclosed within a thin cardboard box
Description on the packaging
Removes Dirt, Dark Spots and Dead Skin Cells: A specialized scrub soap, with Almond and Walnut Scrubs, which clears out dead skin cells from your Elbows, Knees and Feet, making them softer, clearner and fairer. Also removes dark spots and pigmentation from affected areas. “PEDICURE AT HOME
Directions of use
Gently rub the soap on your feet, knees and elbows in slow circular motion. Let the scrub remove the dead cells and dirt. Rinse off with water.

I have been using foot scrub soaps daily for the past three years. While I would love the luxury of regular pedicures, I just can't bear to sit hours in the parlour. So I simply replaced the normal soap with the scrub soap for my feet, in my bath routine. 

The last two years, I was using an oval pebble shaped foot scrub soap that I had happened to discover in Delhi. I don't remember the brand name because it had a small sticker and used to come in a nylon mesh packing wrapped in thick laminated plastic. I used only two because each lasted 10 months to 11 months despite daily lavish use, even though it sounds unbelievable. 

I wish I had a picture to show here, but the pebble shape helped in it's least contact with the surface, which is why it did not melt with water and lasted long. But the scrub particles were very harsh. The recommended use was once a week though I used it daily.

I haven't seen that in Punjab yet, so I was on a lookout for a foot scrub soap when I saw this one online. It is a really good soap for a very small price.

  1. This soap gives a very thick creamy lather.
  2. The scrub particles are gentle and do not hurt the skin when used on the upper side of feet or on elbows or knees.
  3. Cleans the feet really easily no matter how stubbornly dirty they are.
  4. Despite the soapy smell, it doesn't need a lot of water to rinse off, which I hope, means doesn't have a lot of surfactants/ foaming agents added.
  5. Takes very little time to work.
  6. Once back in the soap case, dries very quick and no product wastage.
  7. Didn't dry the feet even though I didn't immediately moisturize them.
  8. Mild enough for daily use. This, plus a good foot cream = soft lovely feet.
  9. Very affordable.

For including in your daily bath routine, wet your feet and lavishly apply the soap on both the lower and upper sides of feet. Rub on the lower side and heels particularly on the dirty areas. Massage with hands for the scrub to remove dead skin cells. Leave it on for a few minutes while you continue with the rest of your bathing routine. 

Just before rinsing off with water, scrub clean with a foot file to get perfectly neat feet. Alternatively, for your regular pedicure, soak the feet in warm water adding some salt and/or vinegar. Scrub clean with this soap and complete the pedicure as regular. 

HAPPY FEET, hurray!!!

Since scrubbing leaves the skin pores open, you can use a toner to close the pores (optional) and then moisturize with a good foot cream.


None :)

Availability: Available at,, and a few other online stores.


  1. This is just what I need. My feet has calluses on the sides and I can hardly remember a time when they were not there. Nothing helped so fer, not even moisturising or occasional scrubbing. I hope this works! Can you please tell me how long one piece will last?

    1. One soap lasts me quite long (more than a month) while for my sis-in-law it lasted very less. Depends on personal use. You actually do not need to rub in a lot of it, just rub like normal soap, leave it to work and then scrub with a foot file. For calluses, have you tried soaking feet in warm water to soften that skin and then filing semi-wet/moist skin with a plastic or sandpaper foot file? I used to get hard skin bumps as a kid and that was caused by fleets. What kind of footwear do you usually wear?