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Olay Natural White Rich all in one Fairness Day Cream SPF 24 Review

This is a review for the Olay Natural White Rich all in one fairness day cream with SPF 24.
Price: Rs 310 for 50 gms
Shelf Life: 3 yrs from mfg date
Variation: Rich
Skin type: Recommended for people with Dry to Normal skin
Lemon colored cream with tangy fragrance.

Olay Natural White Fairness Cream comes in 4 variations:

for dry to normal skin
  • Day Cream 'Rich' (the one I have reviewed)
  • Night Cream 'Rich'
for oily to normal skin
  • Day Cream 'Light' 
  • Night Cream 'Light'

The brand claims that it has the combined effect of fairness cream + spot remover + moisturiser and sun protection. Hence the name ‘All in one’.

Key Benefits (according to the brand) of Triple Vitamin System (vitamins B3, pro B5 & E):
  • Lightens overall skin tone by reducing melanin transfer to surface of skin
  • Reduces appearance of dark spots and dullness
  • Increases skin cell renewal to lighten for radiant looking skin
  • Provides anti-oxidant protection
  • Keeps skin well moisturized
This is the only Olay product so far that I have ever liked and repurchased. But I am not using it anymore. Read on to know why.

I was allergic to Olay products since childhood. My uncle used to get us Olay creams/moisturisers from the US when it was not available in the Indian market. Olay creams/ lotions gave me red bumps on the face. So I tried using on my arms thinking it cannot break me out there, but surprisingly I got red bumps on my arms too. Tried many times and the same result. So I never liked their products.


I have dry to normal skin with slightly oily T-zone in summers. So I bought this in 'RICH' for my dry skin. I used this cream the whole summer 2011 on face, neck, arms and feet. It kept me quite fair in the Delhi Sun, but then the only time I was out in the Sun was when traveling to the office in AC car in morning and on weekends. This summer 2012, I again bought it, but this time I was not in the AC all the time. Even though it did keep my skin quite fair, it started breaking me out. I realized only when I stopped using it and the months-old red bumps on my cheeks started disappearing suddenly. 

I kept it aside and retried it a few times recently and every time I am getting those little red pimples, which do not leave any marks but take quite some time to go away. I had first tried a sachet pack for this cream and had loved the results, which is why I purchased the tub. If you are in a cold region or in the AC all the time, this should work for you. Please check out your local store to buy a sachet first and then decide to purchase a bigger pack.

UPDATE (Jan 2014): As I had suspected, finally it has been proved that this cream DOES contain something harmful. It has a very high content of Mercury in it, which is otherwise banned from cosmetics. Center for Science and Environment (CSE) picked up some samples from Delhi markets and conducted a study. It was found that Olay Natural White has the second highest level of Mercury in it (1.79ppm) and is the top second defaulter out of the fairness creams tested in this study. Mercury is otherwise banned for use in cosmetics under the Drugs and Cosmetics Acts and Rules. For more details, check THIS article.


This one had come with the foaming face wash free with it. The brand claims that its foaming gel formula helps remove sebum, dust, dirt and make-up residues to help keep your skin looking radiant. The face wash is really good. You can read the review HERE.

  1. I think this cream does work and makes you fairer. I have never felt any rashes or sunburns when I wore this out in scorching Sun. Though I am not sure about dark spots reduction (sadly it breaks me out).
  2. The concentration is very thick as it is a 'RICH' cream.
  3. Has SPF 24
  4. A small quantity covers the whole face. I use on my neck, arms and feet too, more like a sunscreen.
  5. It spreads very easily.
  6. Settles on face in a matte finish, without any shine or whiteness.
  7. Looking in the mirror, you can’t make out if you are wearing it, but still it does add an instant glow to your face.
  8. I need not apply any other moisturizer.
  9. Travel-friendly packaging.
  10. Smells really nice - sweet plus tangy.
  1. SPF 24 is not very helpful if you need to be out in the Sun for long.
  2. While it just disappears on your face, it actually does not absorb into the skin. It just sits on your skin like a thick protecting layer of fat.
  3. You need to wash away your hands immediately after applying, else the creamy layer starts coming off with sweat or water contact, making you feel uneasy.
  4. Washes away easily with water. So not at all reliable to be worn during rainy season.
  5. Breaks me out.
  6. Feels very heavy and uncomfortable if applied randomly to unwashed face, as if suffocating the skin. Feels good though on freshly washed face.
  7. It is definitely pricey for the kind of okay results it gives.
I am not sure if this can be used as a makeup base or not as I rarely apply makeup to my face. If you have ever applied makeup over this cream, do let me know your experience.

AVAILABILITY: Easily available on most online stores and retail shops.


  1. have you tried using Lotus Sun Block cream SPF 40 the one with Matt finish? I have been using it for 2-3 years now I think and I even use it in winters as a normal face cream because I feel it gives a evened out look to my face.

    1. Dear Jyotika, thanks for sharing this. I have used Lotus Sun Block SPF 40 back in 2005-06, but I guess mine was not matte. Mine used to give a dark oily shine to my face, when I have dry skin. The fact that you have been using it in winters too makes me think this should suit my dry skin. Will definitely try it and I love the de-tan pack that comes with it. Thanks :)

    2. Hi Jyotika, I did try out the Lotus Matte Sun block (which also works for skin lightening) you suggested and I am finding it a much better product than the Olay Cream. I bought from and the price is also much less than this cream. I won't be buying this fairness cream again. Thanks again for suggesting it :)

  2. Do you know what exactly it is about the olay products that you are allergic to? I get bumps too, but I cant't figure it out. I'm sort of scared of trying new stuff now, because I already have an eczema like skin condition and I don't want to make it worse. Anyway, thanks for the review!

    1. Dear Marjolein, I am not sure if it which ingredient in the its formulation causes this. I had in fact tried a sachet pack first and then bought it. I was very happy with the sachet which had lasted me around 2 weeks or so and that never broke me out. This cream causes redness in my cheeks and there are sort if pimples which I can 'see' but on touching, they don't feel prominent, like they are under skin or something.

      For your skin problem, simply mix a few drops of lavender essential oil in Jojoba oil and apply on your face. Your skin will heal very soon and the eczema will be gone for good.

  3. I think u shud try the light version dear.. Maybe that wont break u out.. coz i guess the smaller pack is a light version not the rich version

    1. Thanks dear, it never occured to me before to try the other version. The small tub in the picture above is the rich one but now I will never go near this cream again. It has the second highest level of Mercury, which is otherwise banned from cosmetics. Please check this toxicity report released by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) in Jan this year.


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