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Aloe Veda Ylang Ylang Moisturising Bathing Bar Review

Aloe Veda Ylang Ylang Moisturising Bathing Bar Review
This is a review of Aloe Veda Ylang Ylang Moisturising Bathing Bar. When I upgraded from ordinary bath soaps, Aloe Veda was the first brand I had tried. was earlier offering a 25% promotional discount on this brand. I tried many soaps from this range and repurchased some.

Price: INR 65 (Discount available on some online stores)
Weight: 100 gms
Type: Glycerine Soap
Shelf Life: 36 Months
Brand Contact:
+91 9870205909

Ingredients: Soap Noodles, Aloe Vera Gel, Glycerine, Vitamin E, Ylang Ylang extract and Fragrance.

It is important to note here that this is an incomplete ingredient list, the primary reason I got suspicious if this brand and finally stopped purchasing their soaps.


The Ylang ylang flower is an aphrodisiac and its flowers are strewn on the beds of Indonesian newlyweds. Combined with Aloe Vera Gel and natural Glycerine this combination relaxes, reduces muscle tension and is a good anti depressant and leave you in a state of euphoria.


Aloe Veda soaps are available online only. I had ordered 3 soaps at that time. The moment I opened the cardboard box, the only fragrance that shot up my nostrils to my brain was this soap's. It had a strange uncomfortable suffocating scent that subdued the fragrance of the other two soaps. 

What had made me order this soap was the description, that it induces relaxation and is anti-depressant. But this soap actually smelt like fragrant napthalene room fresheners. I have smelt ylang ylang essential oil and ylang ylang actually smells heavenly. But this soap really disappointed me with it's artificial perfume.

Even though hand made soaps need proper storage, I had to leave it in the open to tone down the scent. Except for the strange strong smell, it cleaned my skin well leaving it moisturized. I did not face any irritation or dryness. It was not worth repurchasing.

Moreover, Aloe Veda adds Propylene Glycol in their soaps which is a chemical that helps bind moisture to the skin. But it is something that is readily absorbed into the skin and may have harmful effects over long term usage. When I got to know about this, which was quite late, I stopped using their soaps. This brand does use chemicals in it's products and is falsely promoting itself as an organic skin care brand.

Besides the packing is poor. The soap comes just wrapped in a thin cling film, which is almost impossible to remove without digging your nails into the soap and scratching it. If you purchase in the winters, their soaps are quite hard because of the poor packing.

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