Sunday, June 3, 2012

MASCARA: All you need to create BEAUTIFUL LASHES


  1. The first most important key to applying mascara without creating a mess, is to pull out the right quantity from the tube/mascara bottle. NEVER pull out the applicator wand from the bottle in one pull as it will bring out loads of formula. Slowly and gently ‘unscrew’ the wand out of the bottle in anti-clockwise twists.
  2. Once the wand is out in your hand, wipe off the extra mascara at the tip of the wand against the bottle neck or on a tissue paper. If you don’t, this will dirty your nose and the area around the eyes, when applying mascara.
  3. It’s a good idea to apply eye makeup shortly after having bath or washing your face, to lock moisture in your lash hair. But make sure there is no water or cream on your lashes, else it will make your mascara sticky not letting it dry properly.
  4. Keep your mouth wide open when applying mascara. This stretches your upper and lower lids apart and helps apply mascara easily and neatly.
  5. Hold the wand at an angle and start coating with the small lashes near the nose, on the inner side of your eyes. Then take up the longer lashes in the middle and move towards the end.
  6. There is no rule as to applying 1-2-3 or 4 coats. I just keep coating till I get the desired result.
  7. Don’t dip the wand again and again into the bottle. Just twist the wand to use all the mascara present on the bristles. That should be enough to give you several coatings on one eye. The moment you feel your lashes are about to stick, stop right there and let the mascara dry. Most times it will be alright once it dries.
  8. Practice is the key. Don’t expect to get great lashes in the first time. Applying mascara beautifully comes with practice. You cannot get the same effect like they show in the ads, as those are false lashes. Learn to beautify what you have been gifted by nature.
  9. Place the brush near the roots of the lashes and sweep upwards towards the tips. Repeat to build volume. At least 3-4 coats are required to highlight your eyes. Apply more if required.
  10. If you want cat-like eyes with lashes looking longer on the outer sides of your eye, hold the brush in the middle of your lashes and sweep it towards the outer side in upward motion.
  11. Go for a good waterproof or water-resistant mascara that does not run down on your face if you happen to get your face/eyes wet.
  12. If your mascara gets wet, don’t try to wash it off to reapply. Just pat your lashes gently against a tissue paper and let the lashes dry. Then simply clean any black trails left on your face. Once dried, reapply mascara if required. Trying to clean/wipe wet mascara will only make it messy.
  13. Always keep a separate set of paper roll and earbuds to clean your eye makeup. Let your mascara and eyeliner dry first, and then simply clean any blackness around your eye area using a wet Q-tip/soft earbud.
  14. For tips on how to remove mascara properly, read here.


To create a curl, complete at least 3 continuous sweeps without letting the mascara dry. Then keep the brush near the roots of your lashes and start rolling the brush between your thumb and fingers moving upwards. Once you reach the tip of the lashes, press the tips backwards towards your eyes to create a curl, putting pressure with the applicator brush.  Hold the brush there for a few seconds while pressing down. This will give the curl time to dry and set in. Repeat.

You can get a good curl in just two curling strokes (3 simple+2curling strokes=beautiful lashes) Please know that this is bound to leave some extra mascara drops on your lash tips. Just delicately dab with a ball of tissue paper, holding it near the tips and pressing down the same way as described above. Don’t clean if you want to keep the volume.

Alternatively, after you have applied several coats, place the index (first) finger of each hand below your upper lash hair, glide the finger to the lash tips, and press your lashes backward towards your upper eyelid a few times. The mascara should dry and set into a curl in a few seconds. Clean your fingers.

To learn how to train your lashes to curl up naturally, read here.


Quite often people complain that a mascara is bad because it has dried up in the bottle. But it happens mostly due to poor handling than poor formula.

Always unscrew the wand out of the tube/bottle. Never pull out. This will help avoid wastage of your costly product and also ensure good neat application. Similarly, always screw the wand into the bottle, never pump/push it in. Pumping the wand into the bottle in one push will cause air to trap into the bottle and will make your formula become clumpy and dry.


  1. Gagan, you have such beautiful lashes :) :)
    Looks like falsies!
    Nice article as always too.

    1. Thanks Neisha. Many guys used to ask me in Gurgaon if I was wearing false lashes and you topped that compliment :) This is one of my very initial posts and have been thinking of re-doing it from long. The lashes look long in the pic but I really need to put a better pic here :D


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