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Before you start removing your eye make-up, first remove your contact lenses if you wear them. Now take a small pool (8-10 drops) of plain coconut oil or almond oil or any other makeup removal oil in the center of your palm.

Dip your pinky (smallest) finger in the oil. Place the finger near the center of your eyes and close your lids. Your finger tip should touch the roots of your lashes but not the inner layer of your eye. Sweep your finger gently left and right to remove the mascara from the base of the lids.

Close your eyes and apply more oil to the upper side of the lashes near the eye lid. Gently melt all the mascara with your pinky finger till you can feel soft mascara free lashes on your finger. Repeat on the other eye.

By now you will look like a panda :-) with big black circles around your eye. Gently press down some soft tissue paper to let it soak the blackened oil. Wipe clean the remaining oil.  Do not rub harshly. Once clean, wash your palms and pat them dry.

Finally, to remove any chemical that may have been left in your eyes, take a small pool of rose water in the middle of your palm. Bend your face towards your palm bringing your eye right above the rosewater pool. Then simply take your head back in one light jerk, making the rose water fall right into your eye. Else use a dropper to put in 2-3 drops in each eye.
This will sting a little, so be patient. This is a very important final step.  After a few seconds, you will see some black chemical accumulated near your tear duct. Simply clean it with tissue or a clean cloth.

You have now successfully removed the mascara from the outside and from within your eyes.


Apply or gently massage in some pure petroleum jelly (Vaseline) into the roots of your eyelashes with your pinky (smallest) finger every night. See the magic of beautiful long lashes in a few months ;)

You can also train your lashes to curl up naturally by exerting pressure on the lash tips with your index finger. For more details, refer to my other post on curling lashes here. Just use petroleum jelly instead of mascara and follow the same curling technique to eventually train your lashes to curl up. Please note that this is a tried technique but definitely needs patience and continuous effort.

All the best!


  1. Hey Gagan, thanks for such a detailed post! Had a question on applying castor oil or almond oil on your eyebrows/lashes to make them grow more--does this really work?

    1. Dear Hindustani, to make your lashes and eye brows grow darker and thicker, pure petroleum jelly works magic. Almond oil is the second best, though it additionally nourishes the skin around the eyes. Haven't tried castor oil on lashes/brows ever. Have always used petroleum jelly.

      Just apply petroleum jelly religiously every night, gently massaging the lash and brow roots with your pinky. For eyebrows, though, you need to start threading them and also apply this, to get noticeable long and dark eyebrows. If you want to increase the arch length, apply towards the tail of brows to promote hair growth. Back in 1997, had these tips do wonders to a friend who had barely visible eyelashes and eyebrows. Hope this helps!

  2. thanks for leaving the link and reading my blog post.

    It was sweet of u dear

    1. Thanks for visiting Shayoni :) Nice surprise. You know today I tried removing my washable makeup using Pigeon baby wipes with chamomile oil and it worked out very well without any mess. Had read a post on it on Inderjeet's blog (had found her blog through Stylecraze). Thinking of adding more info to this article.


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