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Chambor Stay-On Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil Forever Black 301 Review

This is a review of Chambor Stay on Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil Forever Black 301. (Review updated on Sept 27, 2012). This eyeliner pencil is also available in two other shades: 303 Forever Blue and 306 Forever Navy.

Chambor Stay-On Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil Forever Black 301 Review
 Chambor Stay-On Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil Forever Black 301 

Chambor Stay-On Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil Forever Black 301 Review
 Chambor Stay-On Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil Forever Black 301 
Quantity: 0.28 gms
Best before date:  3 yrs/ 36 months
Made in Germany
Customer care: / 1800220864
Price: Mentioned in the end

I was looking for an intensely black waterproof eyeliner pencil when I stumbled upon this one. This is very black and is comparable to the Maybeline Colossal Kajal, though this costs more than double the colossal kajal. But because the Chambor eyeliner pencil is both dermatologically and opthalmologically tested (which Colossal Kajal is not) I would rate this higher than the Maybelline Colossal Kajal and the higher price is justified. I consider this as one of the gentlest eyeliner pencils for my eyes.


Has a soft and creamy formula, with an intense and rich color base. This stay on waterproof pencil gives you the perfect look in simply a stroke.

Twist up – One Way, Water Proof – Stay on and Smudgeproof, Vitamin Enriched: Vitamin – E & A, No Animal Ingredients, Non – Comodogenic, Dermatologist Tested, Opthalmologist Tested

 This product lives up to the claims made by the brand, though the 'perfect look in a single stroke' claim is exaggerated. 

I use it on the waterline (both upper and lower) as Kajal and on the lower rim of the eye, as eyeliner. You do NOT get the perfect look in one stroke, but need several to and fro strokes to build the color to an intense black.


How to apply Chambor Stay-on Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil
How to apply Chambor Stay-on Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil
As you can see in the picture, it is easier to apply Kajal and pencil eyeliners, if you latch your pinky (smallest finger) to the upper cheekbone for support, while gently pulling down the skin at the same time. I line a small portion at a time, to and fro and then move on and finish the entire line like this. 

Apply a few strokes and leave it for 1-2 minutes while you do other stuff (See Right Eye below). In this time, the base coat will set into the skin. Then apply more coats and you will get a very black, dry, matte beautiful finish that will stay very long (See Left Eye below). As a finishing touch, darken the eyeliner from the outer edge of your eye towards the middle.

Lower Waterline - Chambor Eyeliner Pencil Forever Black
Lower Rim Eyeliner -  Chambor Eyeliner Pencil Forever Black
Upper lid eyeliner - Revlon Fabuliner
Chambor Stay-On Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil Forever Black
Chambor Stay-On Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil Forever Black
on Waterline, Upper Eyelid and lower eye rim.
It does not give good coverage on the upper lid if used alone. The only way to use it as an upper lid eyeliner is to use it over an eye shadow, like you see in the pic above.

I prefer not to do that, as it sticks the eye shadow particles to the tip of the eyeliner pencil making it unsafe to be used on waterline. Plus, I personally like my upperlid eyeliner as shiny and not matte.

  1. Glides as smoothly as silk on my lids and skin. After hurting my eyelids with sharpened wooden eyeliner pencils for years, this one came as a caring saviour.
  2. Indeed waterproof. I have tested.
  3. Doesn’t smudge even if you happen to rub your eyes, though it did smudge a little in extreme summers. Fades lightly from waterline after 2-3 hours depending on how watery your eyes are. Slightly fades from eyelids after 4-5 hours, with no blackness/mess around.
  4. Matte finish. Once set, it doesn’t spread a bit, and helps your other eye makeup to stay put for long hours.
  5. No need to sharpen, as this comes in a twist up packing.
  6. Travel Friendly. Long, slim, light-weight pencil, easy to carry, easy to manoeuvre, easy to find in the purse as the length doesn’t decrease with use. Comes with a good tight fitting cap to keep it in good condition.
  7. Enriched with Vitamins A and E. This is a plus if you use it on your waterline where it can be absorbed into the delicat e skin.
  8. Non–Comodogenic, which means it does not clog skin pores and does not cause or promote blackheads. This makes it safe to use on the skin under the eyes.
  9. Dermatologist Tested. Some other branded eyeliner pencils I tried in the past caused the skin under my eyes to swell up strangely and made my eyes baggy. This one has had absolutely no side effects. Very safe product.
  10. Opthalmologist Tested. Safe to use on the waterline. Safe for contact lens users. Have tried it with contact lenses.
  11. Fragrance free. My other pencil used to smell like some herbal oil and felt like some fumes were burning my eyes. This one pampers the eyes.
  12. I noticed absolutely no chemical residue in my eyes. Comes off easily with makeup remover/wipes. I use oil.
  13. This product has no animal ingredients and hence cruelty free.
  1. You need to be careful that this pencil can only be twisted out, and cannot be twisted back in (eg. a lipstick twists both ways). If you happen to twist it out more, you cannot put back the extra pencil tip into the packing. Just 1-2 twists are sufficient to expose a one-time use amount.
  2. Due to one-way twist packing, you can’t figure out how long will this product last or how much of it is left.
  3. The 'perfect definition in one stroke' claim is exaggerated, you need more strokes.
  4. The price is high for a just 0.28 gms (meaning 28 mgs?) packing.

Available at the Chambor outlets at Shopping Malls. You can check out the other store locations on their site

Easily available online in India on for INR 336.7 (INR 352) at MRP of INR 370, 
and many other online stores.


  1. Heyyy.... Gagan.. how come I missed this post. I particularly loved the pictures :)

    1. He he Apoorva :-) U didn't miss, actually I just uploaded these today a little while ago. This was one of my initial posts and I wanted to make it better for readers, so updated and added pics. Thanks for noticing sweetie :)

  2. i have this in forever blue and like it...

    1. Wow, I will check your blog if you have posted any pic or review of that. Want to know how that one looks :)

  3. Wow! very detailed review!

  4. I have this one...though its matte and smudge proof, it fades away in no time and hence didnt work for me!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Love,

    1. Thanks for sharing your feedback Apoorva :) I tried repurchasing this but could not procure. Was long lasting on me when I would let the first application set in and then reapply and I loved the fact that it never caused any irritation. I bought a faces pencil this time and that's more pigmented that this Chambor pencil.


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