Sunday, May 27, 2012

Aloe Veda Moisturising Bathing Bar – Lavender with Tea Tree Oil Review

Aloe Veda lavender soap

Handmade Glycerine Soap
Rs 65 for 100 Gms.
Rs 48.75 on ( 25% promotional discount Aloe Veda)
Soothing Lavender
Best Before
36 Months from Mfg. date
Wrapped in a plastic cling film with a description sticker in the front and the back, like normal handmade soaps.
Description on the packaging
Aloe Veda Lavender with Tea Tree Oil moisturising bathing bar contains aloe vera gel and natural glycerine that helps to balance harmones, skin and is uplifting and anti-depressant.


Aloe Veda moisturising bathing bar lavender ingredients
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This soap lives up to its description. I first used it winter end/ summer beginning. My skin is very dry around that time of the year. But this soap was very mild on my dry skin. 

The lavender fragrance is very relaxing and rejuvenating (as Lavender is an anti-depressant), and stays on the skin for a couple of hours after the bath. 

I am not sure how it balances harmones, but it did leave my skin soft and moisturised. I didn’t have the need to apply a moisturiser separately when I used this soap. It is good to be used by people with sensitive skin.

The soap lathers enough though it doesn’t foam like regular soaps. Using this soap feels like I am pampering myself with something really good.

  1. I don’t use soaps on my face, but I tried it on my face once. It left my face very dry. So this shouldn’t be used on the face. In fact, I found that they have a separate face cleanser with the same ingredients: lavender with tea tree oil (I haven't used).
  2. The packaging is poor (just one thin layer of cling film) and is difficult to remove. You always end up scraping the soap while removing the film and it gets into the nails. Poor packing also means compromise on product quality due to heat, moisture and other storage conditions. In fact any of their soap bars I have bought in winters were all very hard due to poor packaging.
Do I like it? Yes. So far, this is the only Aloe Veda soap I have really liked and have repurchased.

At Rs 48.75, I feel that this is a very affordable luxury.There's no such feeling as pampering yourself in this simple yet luxurious way to start your day.
Availability: Available at the Aloe Veda Online (reviewed here), and many other online stores.

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